Declutterathon Daze

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This is gonna be W A Y different today!    So brace yourself.

I’m decluttering not physical things today, but habits, actions, thoughts….

Bad habits are automatic, and I just do them without even realizing it.    For example, I get 2 ice cream bars at once.   When I’m done, I blink, look down, and they’re both gone.     What just happened??    I usually have no memory of even eating but 1, sometimes neither, to tell the truth.   So, I need to only get 1 at the time, from the freezer.   That way, I have to walk back to the kitchen for the second, and that will give me enough time to recall eating the last one.

How about none??      [ignoring]

Also, walking to the kitchen in between treats, will declutter a tiny bit of laziness too.   Double score!!

And just maybe, I’ll choose something other than ice cream.

Yeah, right!     This I gotta see!

Okay, smarty pants!    Look here!!     See that??    

slob, humor, apple     It’s an apple!!    {In a pig’s mouth!!}

Update:  Gilly made me promise to never refer to myself as a pig again.   Degrading myself is a habit I need to declutter right now!


Well, color me surprised!     Surprised     {Is that the color of surprised??}

And I really did eat it all!!    See??      As a matter of fact, I ate 2!!    Go me!     Scored 2 tiny points for health!

slob, humor, healthy choice



Today!     And only because you were outta ice cream bars.





That’s all that counts, today.     And I coulda gone to the store, but right now I chose wisely. Now all I need to do is keep it up!     Reminder to self:  One day, one apple at a time.

Out of the daze maze, and ready to go forth and declutter some more stuff!       Onward, clutter warriors!




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26 thoughts on “Declutterathon Daze

  1. Good idea this habit and thought decluttering! But pleeeeeeease don’t ever refer to yourself as a pig again. 😦 I know pigs are cute and all that stuff and you were probably joking etc but be kind to yourself! And if you can’t – then let other people be kind to you – you are not a pig Melinda! You are a beautiful, intelligent, entertaining human being who loves ice cream bars a bit too much :-).

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  2. Okay so I’m going to go off on a bit of a tangent here:
    Pigs are AWESOME so I defy the derogativeness of your statement.
    Pigs are super smart, very social, playful, good mothers, picky eaters, adventurous, inquisitive, cheerful and just all round sweethearts. So just remember the next time you describe yourself as a pig that this is what I’ll be thinking you meant.

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