Declutterathon Donate

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Here we are at Day 4.    This is actually my day one, I just forgot to blog about it!    So, I have to shove fit it in here.

I always go on Freecycle.   Love that site!!    Best way to get free stuff ever!!    Or to get RID of stuff too!    In fact, I signed up for the email alerts, so I don’t even have to log on to be notified!

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Sat Aug 27 21:26:22 2016
Quilting rulers and supplys (Lakeland) by sewnaners
Looking for assorted quilting rulers and supply’s Thank you


“Sew” {see what I did there?  lol} I thought, “Well, I don’t have any extra rulers to give away, BUT!  I do have some extra fabric that Mama gave me.   I don’t need all of it, so I can share.”

{But did I take pix?    Nooooo!    sigh    Maybe someday in the sweet bye and bye.}

We can only hope!!

Anyway,   eye roll  I answered her post, including my phone number.   Shortly, she texted back.   Turns out, we live on the same street!!    That was so funny!!    We both had a good laugh over that!

slob, humor, laughing

Laughing with giddy delight!!



After she picked out which fabrics she wanted, I invited her in.    We had a nice talk, now we both have a new friend!   And a good neighbor!

So, it didn’t really take 15 minutes, but I’m counting this!!

Maybe if I count reading the ad, emailing, and texting her…..    Okay, it DID take 15 minutes!!   Counting the visit, almost an hour!

Whew!   I worked hard on this one!      slob, humor, winky

{I’d make my own winky giphy-IF I knew how!!}





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Declutterathon Day Dos Doubled

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Welcome back to Declutterathon Day, the never ending story!!       

May I ask if today is going to finally be the “Dramatic conclusion”??

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!


Now, down to business.   Bookshelf business, that is.

slob, clutter, brand new

OkayWhy do you have 6 brand new canvases?    Since when do you paint??

Well, I used to.


Um, in Alaska.

{incredulously}   26 years ago?????

[defensively]    Well, yeah, but I went to 1 art lesson with Sis, here!

How long ago??

About 6 months.

So, we’re getting rid of these then, right?

[resigned]    Yes, Shirley is an active artist, so she needs them.   And I won’t have any time to paint for about the next year!!    Maybe after I get my quilt queue done!

Whoa!   Good decision!    Do you realize you’ve already been working way more than 30 minutes now?? Great job!! I’m very proud of you!

Really?    Thank you!!    But I’m not done!

Far be it from me to stop you.    By all means, continue!

slob, clutter, ornaments     Do you have Christmas ornaments hidden in every room of your house??

Well, apparently!!    But, these are easy to let go of, except the green teddy bear, with the girls pic in it.

Good going!   Onward!!

slob, clutter, someone else's memory      This one’s easy too.    Nony says we are not in charge of other people’s memories.   Especially if that person is grown!!    Another one bites the dust!

slob, clutter, trash    Um, I don’t think that candy is any good anymore….

YAY    Another no-brainer!!     See ya, trash!

slob, clutter    Hee hee!!    That’s rich!!


A book of household hints!!    I’m sure you never even read it, did you??

[shamefaced]   No, but I meant to!     So, donate then?

{nods head}

slob, clutter    Sadly, I don’t need this anymore.   Moment of silence please for the death of the Mitchell marriage.

slob, clutter, I hate orange     What in the world made you buy something orange?   You hate orange almost as bad as you hate green!

The fact that it was note cards for only 50 cents!!    They were a bargain!!

Now they’re 50 cents wasted, since you’re donating them, RIGHT??

Yes.   [sigh]

Aren’t we done YET??

Almost!    Now you just gotta dust the shelves, and put back only what you’re keeping.

Whoa, whoa!!    Nobody said ANYTHING about cleaning!!   Only de-cluttering!

Aw, c’mon now.   It’ll only take a few seconds, and won’t even hurt.   I promise!

[mutter, mutter, wipe, wipe]    slob, cleaning even!     [grudgingly]    I guess it wasn’t that bad.

And the shelves look so much better!

And now for the reveal.

slob, de-clutteredslob, de-clutteredslob, de-clutterdslob, de-cluttered, empty space even!

Maybe you could have taken a second to remove the roach motels??    Oh, sorry.   What I meant to say is, “Woo hoo!!    Looks terrific!”

Thanks!    I’m especially proud of that half empty shelf there!     And the top doesn’t even have anything up there!!    [pats self on back]

Declutterathon Day Dos Doubled Done!!

{sotto voce}    FINALLY!!


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Declutterathon Day Dos

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Aright, here we are to finish the Declutterathon day .

When we last left Melinda, she was agonizing over the decision of trashing or recycling the baby bib.   Let’s take a peek, and see what happened.

slob, clutter, trashed bib

YAY!!   She did it!!

We’re proud of you!

{mutters}   Yeah, yeah.    Where were we?

Sentimental clutter.

Must you keep rubbing it in??

Sorry.   Next item.

slob, clutter, daughter pillow   Oh, well, why do I still have this??   I made it, so I need to give it to a daughter!

But you have 2!   How are you gonna decide between the two?

Hmmm, good question!   Could I give it to Mama?   Since I’m her daughter??

[shrugs}   I guess, that would eliminate any further agonizing. 

Let’s do it!

slob, clutter, handmade prayer   Oh no!!   My Aunt Jessie made that for me!   It’s not going anywhere!!   

But it’s not framed or anything!

I’ll frame it.

[quirks eyebrow}   Will you really??

Yes!   I’ll do it right now!

But that would interrupt the flow of your de-cluttering mojo!

Then will ya give me a break??

Okay, we’ll check back in on this later.

AFTER the 21 days of the Declutterathon!

Oh alright, after it is.   Next!

slob, clutter, loomed potholder    What is that??

A hand loomed potholder, of course!

A what??

Aw, c’mon!   You’re as old as me!   You remember those little looms, where ya weave the loops.   And about ALL they’re good for is play potholders!

Oh, yeah, yeah.   Now I remember!

Ok, but who made it?

I dunno!   If you can’t remember, do you need to keep it?  

Well, sure!

Whaddya gonna DO with it?

Use it as a potholder, of course! 

{hmmph}   We’ll see!

Next!       slob, clutter, I don't even know what it is!    I don’t even know what it is!!    I remember Mama brought it back from one of her missions trips.    Maybe I can give it to PP, as a kind of maraca?

That’ll work.

slob, clutter, technology    Now this is interesting!   I thought you didn’t want PP to have screen time at your house?

I don’t!

Then why do you have books for her that read themselves??    Isn’t that screen time?

Uh, um…   Not really!

Come again?

It requires her active participation, to move the stylus across the page, so that it reads!

Uh, yeah, okay.   Whatever you want to tell yourself!!

slob, clutter, stupid paper    Now, THIS paper is totally STUPID!!    Why would I have kept the requirements for my teaching certificate, AFTER I already HAVE my teaching certificate???

Because you’re a hoarding slob??


{shrugs}    Just trying to help!

Easy decision- recycle.   Next!    slob, clutter, 2nd stupid paper     Oh brother!   Another stupid paper!    Why would I keep the letter of eligibility for my teaching certificate, AFTER I have my teaching certificate??

{Draws in a breath to answer}


Fine!   Ya don’t need to yell!

Recycle.    Hey, this is getting easier!     slob, clutter, sentimental book    Uh oh, did I say easier??

{nods head}

Well, of course I get to keep it, just like all my old diaries!    Whoever writes my biography will need all of them as research materials!    slob, sentimental clutter, diaries

{sarcastically}    Why, of course!   You’re an important personage!


slob, clutter, someone else's dvds     Oops!   These belong to Sandy.   And she moved to Georgia, about 6 years ago.   I see a visit to the post office in my future!

Whoa, we’re going great guns, but nowhere near finished yet!    But, I’m tired of talking.

What??    I can’t believe that!!

Alrighty then!   What I really meant to say was, I’m tired of typing!

Now THAT I believe!!

More Declutterathon Day Dos tomorrow!    Hurry back!

Hey WAIT!! 


Wasn’t today supposed to be the “dramatic conclusion” of Declutterathon Day?

Oh, right.   Well, we’re slow, and very verbose!   What can we say??



Queen Anne’s second day.

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Declutterathon Day

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Declutterathon Declaration

Welcome to Declutterathon Day !!  

How am I gonna come up with 19 more alliterative titles with Declutterathon in them???     Help!   I’m panicking here!!

Dun dun dun!!    {Hey!   There’s one!   Only 18 more to go!}

Behold the bedroom bookshelf!           

Or would it be in your office, since it’s to the left of your computer desk??

slob, de-cluttering, bookshelfslob, de-cluttering, bookshelfslob, de-cluttering, bookshelfslob, de-cluttering, bookshelf

Top left,                           Top right,                    Bottom left,                           Bottom right.

In 4 part harmony, no less!!

Now, that the preliminaries are over, 

Deciding which room it’s located in??

Exactly!     As I was saying….   Down to the actual work of de-cluttering.

Timer set:   15 min. 

Ready!   Steady!   Set!   Go!

Work, workety, work.   Throw trash away.   Read a card.   Cry.    slob, de-cluttering, card    This was to Bobby, my dead husband.    Who died 15 years ago.    Reckon I should let it go now.   I don’t think he will mind.

Agonize over decisions.

slob, de-cluttering, DD1's hands

How do I let go of DD1’s hands????   Answer: I can’t.   Not yet.   Back in the memories box.



Time’s up!    

What?   Already?   But, I’m not even halfway through!!

Well, you can keep going, ya know!    15 minutes was only the minimum you promised, nobody said you had to STOP at 15!

Okay, I will!    {Keep going, that is.   This time I didn’t even set the timer, just looked at the time.)

More work, workety, work, work.

More throwing trash away.   More reading cards.   More crying.    More agonizing over decisions.

Or not.   slob, de-cluttering   Since I don’t even WEAR make-up, this one was easy peasy!   

Then why did you buy it again??

Ummm, oh yeah!   To wear to Dr. Kim’s graduation!

Oh, alright.   But suggestion?


Don’t buy any more make-up!   You won’t wear it!

Good point.

slob, de-cluttering, sentimental clutter   Oh no!    DD1’s birthing center bib!   More agonizing!   How will I ever remember she was born in a birthing Center, if I throw this away???     Waaaaaahhhh!  

Wait, this sounds awfully familiar!

What do you mean??

Didn’t you go thru this same exact routine when you found DD2’s hospital cap?

Uh, I dunno.   Maybe….

And what did your friend, who was helping you de-clutter then, say?

[small voice]   Get rid of it.   

Uh, huh.   And how many times since then have you cried over that baby cap??

Well, uh, um, a c t u a l l y….

Yes?    Actually how many times exactly??

Oh ok, NONE.  Okay??   None.   {Realization hits.}     Oh, so what you’re saying is, I won’t miss this either, once I let it go?

Bravo, Grasshopper!   You have learned well!

{Big swoosh of breath.}   Reluctantly kisses it, and puts in the donate pile.

Um, another suggestion?

{big sigh}   What now?

Before you donate it, don’t you think you need to wash it?   After all, it IS 29 years old!    Not to mention dirty, and stained.

You may have a point there.   It is rather grungy.    But, am I really gonna take the time to wash something, just to donate it??   No, I’m really not.   {Bigger sigh}    Oh alright, trash it is.    NOOOO!!!   {Grabs it back outta trash.}


What?  {snarl}

Remember I called you Grasshopper!   Pull up your big girl panties, and get on with it!

Can’t I recycle it instead??


Will the baby bib ever actually make it outta Melinda’s hands??    How long will she continue to cry, and argue over it??


Well folks, that’s enough drama for today.   Tune in tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion of Declutterathon Day !

Dun, dun, dun!


Queen Anne’s first day.


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Meandering Memes

Don’t even  have a theme, I don’t think today.

slob, humor, date meme

For some reason, I just love her.    Maybe because I’ve been her???    Nah….

slob, humor, sleep meme

Aww, poor Hammie!!

Nope!   NO theme, just the first 10 memes I came to, in my folder of memes.

slob, humor, exercise meme    Now see, here’s where the trainer would die!

slob, humor, dating meme     Perfect!!    Of course, after she’s 35, she can befriend anyone she wants!

slob, humor, meme     I totally get that!!

slob, humor, exercise meme     Wow, I beat her record!

slob, humor, clutter meme     I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder.

slob, humor, age meme     I think I’ve used this one before, so I’ll throw 1 extra in today.   How’s that?

slob, humor, exercise meme

Me too, kitteh!! Me too!

slob, humor, food meme

Me too!!

slob, humor, 80s meme

Oh yeah!!      Until your neighbor walks over and yells “Hang up the phone!”     {Yes, kids, we had an ancient form of phone service called party lines.   Everyone shared, and you could eavesdrop!    Until Mom saw you!!}

slob, humor, lazy meme    <sigh>   Me too.

There you have it.   Meandering memes for this Monday.


Strangest Struggles

{Yeah, I know.   I’m supposed to be writing about the De-clutterathon.    I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it!   Don’t rush me!}

It’s so weird.  It seems no sooner do I post that I’m struggling to post every day, than my brain starts running away with new post ideas!

Hate the green pants and shoes, but hey!   The brain is purple, so I had to “run” with it!


What is going on??   Does my brain just hate me??   Does part of it just hide behind a figurative doorway, just waiting till the other part says “Uncle!”??   Then the first part jumps out and says “Boo!  Haha, fooled you!!   I really do have lots of post ideas up my sleeve!”

Is it the depression??   The bi-polar??  Being an eccentric writer??   Exhaustion??   Dementia setting in??   What??   I really need to know, because it’s driving me crazy!!   Oops, nope, wrong saying.   I’ve already reached that destination.   It’s keeping me up at night!!   There we go!!   That’s the one.

Here it is 2:12 am, and I can’t turn off my my squirrel wheel,

{Nope, not a squirrel, but the wheel is purple… so ya know what I’m gonna say…}

and go to sleep.   Noooo, I have to hurry up and capture all these whirling thoughts, before they drift away, like smoke from a campfire.   If I don’t, I’ll never think the exact same thoughts again, and I’ll fight those struggles for a while, being frustrated with myself, for not getting them down on paper, on the computer screen, when they were fresh.   I’ve already done that several times with posts.  I write a whole brilliant story in my head, but don’t get up and actually write it.  Then later, when I try to remember, it’s gone.  And I know it was perfect!!   And all I’m left with is the title, and a few stray fragments of sentences, that aren’t cohesive.

It’s the strangest thing.   I know our brains are marvelous things, created by God to do miraculous things.   But does mine really have to be so contrary??   Apparently, it must.   sigh

Anyone have any suggestions??  Besides hiring a secretary to sit by my bed, with her pad, pencil, catching my stray thoughts in shorthand??   {Trust me, if I had the money to burn, I’d probably do that!!   But, only if she wrote exclusively in purple ink.  Or conversely, on purple paper.   Or!   Even better!   Purple ink on purple paper!   But, that’s hard to read,

slob, humor, purple paper

Well, I guess not tooo hard…   Did ya catch the mistake??  Yeah, I forgot to proofread!

 unless you use white gel pens.  And I haven’t seen any at Publix lately.}

So, to add to my already full basket of troubles, foibles, and struggles, I have this strangest one.  Oh delight!!   At least I don’t keep anyone else up!!   Living alone does have it’s advantages!

Bi-polar Burden

When I was married to my first husband, he was forever and a day asking me if he was speaking to Melinda 1 or Melinda 2.   I never knew how to answer him.   “I don’t know!”   How could I answer him, when I couldn’t tell myself apart??    Which side of me was #1??   Which half was #2??

slob, sistersMaybe the problem was, I wasn’t me- I was my sister???    Oh wait, I’m 8 1/2 years older, we’re not twins.   So, that’s probably not it.    (Even though when we both had long blonde hair, we were often mistaken for each other!   Even now, when I’m fat, and have short gray hair, and she still has long blonde hair, we get mistaken for each other!!   People, people, people – pay attention!!   People who love purple all look alike, ya know!)   It happened just today!   (AND- she wears glasses!!)

Sometimes I’d laugh so loud, and unrestrained, I’d get shushed.   Other days, I couldn’t drag myself outta bed before noon.   And couldn’t talk, because it was more energy than I had to do so.

I definitely knew there were 2 Melindas, I just didn’t knew who was who.

I’d also act in completely contrary ways.   Sometimes, I’d be very affectionate, and loving, others I’d act cold, and hateful.   And “those times of the month” always heightened the intensity of whichever way the pendulum was swinging on any given day.

Like I said in Bi-polar Bear, I always knew I was different.  I just didn’t know why, or if I could be helped, or if I was just too weird to ever be normal.

In high school, I just embraced the “weird” persona.   I was the “crazy” girl who wore an Army uniform to school, since I was Sgt at Arms for my DCT club.  And chased a dude across the school grounds, because he refused to wear a tie- the dress code.   I tackled him, and drug him into the meeting, with that tie on!!   We were both outta breath, and the tie was a mangled mess, but he was wearing it!   I walked down the halls, reading a book, glancing over the top of the page, so I didn’t run into people.   I wore my prom dress to class.   I became a clown, to try to ease the pain.

slob, younger clown meslob, greedy me









  As long as I was laughing at myself, then I couldn’t notice that they were laughing at me.   It didn’t help that I had to wear knee length culottes, when everyone else wore gym shorts, (Due to my parents’ religious convictions).   Did they really think wide legged culottes, that slipped down to the top (bottom??) of my upper thighs when on the floor, were more modest than shorts???   (That one wasn’t thought through at all!!)   In elementary school, I had to wear dresses over my pants.   Thankfully, by the time I got to high school, they had loosened up enough to let me wear jeans, sans the over skirt!

Lots of things in my childhood contributed to the dissonance inside.   I had my private me, then I had public me.  And still public me didn’t always fit in.   I mostly felt like a very round peg, {I was fat most of my adolescence, until my senior year of HS, then I still felt fat} in a world of skinny square holes.

slob, younger tree hugger me I just looked fat, it was the shoulder pads, right??


And I loved school, and got great grades without having to study.  As you can imagine, that endeared me to EVERYONE!   NOT.

It’s a wonder I didn’t grow up to be a psychopathic serial killer!!    (Well, at least not in reality, in my mind I murdered people right and left.)

So, Melinda, Melinda, Melinda, who art thou??

I’m still trying to figure that out.   Relying on God helps.   If it wasn’t for Him, I’d never have lived this long.   I’d have followed thru with my suicide plans many decades ago.

So, if you have bi-polar, you aren’t alone.   It’s quite a burden, but try to reach out to others. There is help.  

And if all else fails, write a blog, and spill your guts for the whole world to see.


Bi-polar Bear

I think I’ve been bi-polar most of my life.   I just wasn’t diagnosed until my 30s.   Even when I was young, I’d think the strangest things, but when I tried to talk about them, I’d get looks like I had 3 heads.   So, I’d shut up, knowing I was weird.  And that I better keep all that was whirling around in my brain to myself, or else.   I wasn’t quite sure what “Else” was, but I knew it wasn’t good.

I was made to feel that I was out of step with the world.   That something was wrong with me.  I knew I was different, just not sure why.

One day I’d be happy as a lark, playing, and smiling all over the place.   The next, I’d be so blue, It seemed my world was ending.   Nobody else seemed to have such intense emotions, and extreme reactions.

Joining drama in college, and my first year after, was fabulous!!    I was TOLD to be an entirely different person!!    It was just what I needed!!   You are REQUIRED to be larger than life!

slob, drama

                            Easter play 1984.   I was Pilate’s wife.

As I look back on it, I’m not sure why I never was involved in drama before then.    After I married Ranch Man, I tried to join the drama troupe at a big church.   I was politely told “We don’t have many roles for middle aged women.”   And the very next Sunday, who was starring in the production??   A woman my age!!   BUT, she was NOT FAT.   Yeah, being mental AND fat made my life so very pleasant.    {Sarcasm carry thru there??}

Now, I’ve seen that kids as young as 7 have been diagnosed bi-polar.   How would that have affected my growth, and development if I had been as well??


Sometimes teaching helped, a little bit.  When it wasn’t driving me to another nervous breakdown.   (I had a total of 3 while teaching between 2005-2008.   That’s why I’m on disability now.)

slob, bi-polar, upside down day This bit of crazy was school sanctioned, because it was “Upside Down Day” at the Preschool where I taught Kg, in 1992-1993.   It was fun!   A little hard to walk, since the dress straps were between my ankles, but hey!   Anything for the kids!

Even now, some people can’t seem to deal with me.   “Sit down, and shut up” has been inferred many times.   “Quit being so dramatic about everything”  is another frequent refrain, ringing in my ears.   “You laugh too loud.”   “Stop being like that.”    “You can’t just let out a scream like that, we live in an apartment, there’s people all around.”   “This is church, restrain yourself, you’re singing too loud.”   “You’re embarrassing me.”    “You can’t dress like that, if you want to go with me.”   All this – even AFTER I grew up!!    I was an adult!

And I’m only being myself.   It’s not like I’m picking my nose in public!   I’m just talking to the waiter, like he’s a friend.   Or, waving to a baby, and making faces.   Or, asking for a Sprite with 3 different flavored syrups.  Or horrors, hugging my aunt/cousin/best friend in public!   How dare I??   Or squealing with excitement, when I’m opening a present.  Or wearing shorts without shaving my legs.

For awhile, several years ago, I just stopped feeling.  I stopped reacting.   I quit joking, or laughing in public.   Didn’t sing until I was alone in the car.   Why do it, when I’m just gonna be bopped on the head like Whack-a-mole??  

slob, bi-polar, thwack a vole

Exactly, except I was ALWAYS whacked, never missed.

I hated being me, and wanted to just die. Some people approved of me.  “You’ve finally grownup!”   “You’ve learned how to behave!”    “You aren’t embarrassing me anymore!”

 But then, they finally started asking me, “What’s wrong?   You don’t talk anymore.   That’s not like you.”

Well, duh!!   I wasn’t being me, because “me” was always wrong!   Easier to just exist, instead of trying to live.   Being constantly beat up, verbally and emotionally, takes a tremendous toll on a person.   Especially since I already had mental and emotional problems to start with.

Now I have a select few, very few, people I can be myself with.   But I can’t always be around them.   So, I have to modify  ( read- tone down  completely change) my behavior to suit the company.   And that’s a strain.   For about 6 months, last winter, I told my counselor every week, “I’m so tired, I’m just so tired.”   I wasn’t able to be myself, because my few people were too busy, or our schedules didn’t sync.   For whatever reason, I was having to sustain my modified behavior, without a break, to let loose and be myself.  Talk about bi-polar!   It feels like having to maintain a totally different, unnatural personality.   Like being in a straitjacket, and muzzle.  Yet, still expected to talk, and “Be normal”.

slob, bi-polar, straightjacket

 But, I don’t like me, when I’m like that.   I just want to be free to be me.

Is that too much to ask??

Declutter Declaration

Anne, from MinimalistSometimes, has put forth a de-cluttering challenge.

“Hear ye, hear ye!”   

“Queen Anne of Minimalia hath made a declaration throughout the land.    September is forthwith proclaimed The Month of Declutter!”

slob, de-clutter challenge

                                                             Her Royal Majesty’s seal.



Who is up for the jousting??    ME!!   ME!!


slob, declutter challenge

It’s on, Queen Anne!!


Which knights are brave enough to join me???





Queen Anne:


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Excised Exercise

Today we’re on a horrific topic.  It has caused untold pain throughout the centuries.

Exercise.   Ugh   I want the word “exercise” excised from human’s vocabulary!!   Who’s with me???   (The removal by cutting definition, not the tax one!!)

Saddle up, boys, here we go!    {Notices half the crowd left standing there…}

Oh hey, I meant girls too, of course!

slob, humor, exercise meme

slob, humor, exercise meme

(Haha! Figured out how to outsmart that “copy the caption” thingy!!  Don’t have any!    Bwahahaha!!)


slob, humor, exercise meme

Hey Will, we gotta talk…..

slob, humor, exercise meme

She is too cute!!

slob, humor, exercise meme

I don’t get this one.  But, it came up under exercise meme.   Anybody explain it to me?

slob, humor, exercise meme

Me too, Jim, me too!

slob, humor, exercise meme

That’s what I’ve been saying for decades now!!    Why won’t anyone listen????

slob, humor, exercise meme

{RIP Gene!}

slob, humor, exercise meme

Lol!   This one I get!

slob, humor, exercise meme

YES!!  I did!!   But someone knew CPR!

slob, humor, exercise meme

I sense some hostility here!


I hope you are all having a great Labor Day!!   

Don’t exercise too hard!!   (Except your laugh muscles!!)