Declutterathon Darning

slob, decluttering, challenge

(Already over half way thru, and still spitting out those alliterative titles!!)

slob, humor, meme

(Ignore the Hot Pockets. I promise I was NOT paid to sponsor them!!)







No, not darning, as in “Darn it.”    Darning as in “darning a sock”.     Which was the closest “D” word to sewing,  I could come up with!

Yes, dear darlings, we are decluttering the “darning” domain, AKA the sewing room closet.

At first glance, not much here to do!  

slob, humor, not clutterslob, humor, no clutter hereslob, humor, fabric is NOT clutter

All that stuff on top shelf is contained, therefore NOT clutter!     Oh yeah, the material on the chair needs put in its place, but fabric is NOT clutter!!

 Yay!    I can play a couple games of solitaire till the clock runs out!     slob, humor, hourglass

And…. then, I looked down…..

slob, humor, clutter

into the belly of the beast.      

slob, humor, frowning

Oh NO!!!! The horror!

Yeah, *gulp.*      Looks like there possibly is clutter there.

Oh, only possibly??

{Defensively}   Well, Kim’s kwilt is the biggest portion of that pile, “sew”……

So, exactly what do you plan to do about it???

I’m going to finish it, of course!              slob, humor, duh

Any time this decade??     Poor girl has already started her job as a Dr. sans kwilt.     It does get cold up there, ya know!!     And here it is already September!!

Don’t nag me!!    I’ll do it!!

Yeah, uh, huh, that’s what you said 9 years ago!

It’s 3/4 done!!     I’ve been kinda busy…

{concedes point}     True, you really have.     Alright, just get over there, go thru the pile, fold the kwilt neatly, and we’ll go on.

Thank you!  


Why, there was clutter in them thar hills!                     DUH!

slob, humor, clutterYeah, all this was hiding under the quilt.    Put away the clothes.

slob, humor, not clutter


Looky here!  A family pic, definitely not clutter!

slob, humor, clutter

Even at 40 cents it’s not a bargain if it becomes clutter.    And I had 3, that I didn’t use on St. Patrick’s Day, so away they go….

slob, humor, not clutter     Now see, this is what’s bad about clutter!    Ya forget what ya have!      PP will be excited to dress up as a ballerina!

slob, humor, not clutter


Oh man, here’s the squares for Shirley’s quilt that aren’t even

sewn into strips yet.   Yikes!

slob, humor, clutter     Good news!     These are empty boxes to recycle!!

slob, humor, clutter

I’d never even looked in this drawers.    And there I was with no

stapler, now I have 2!     eye roll      This one is unnecessary




I have better uses for that drawer.      Like this:

slob, humor, not clutter

Looks so much better, than just in a bag hanging around!!      And safer too, cuz now I won’t lose track of them!

slob, humor, decluttered

Ah!    Looks good!!     And no horror either!            slob, humor, decluttered

Declutterathon Darning Done!




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15 thoughts on “Declutterathon Darning

  1. Hi Melinda, I seriously have no idea how you’ve got anything left in your home! Yes too true – anything to do with craft is not clutter – you never know when an old pice of cardboard or fabric is going to be useful for a project – therefore, not clutter – just ‘stuff’ waiting for its moment😀. Keep up the good work!


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