Filthy Filter

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Declutterathon, to bring you this fabulous fable.      We apologize for the disruption.      The Declutterathon should return tomorrow, at it’s regularly scheduled time.     Thank you for your patience.


This is a forlorn little fable about a filthy filter.

Once upon a time, there was a happy little filter, named Filip.   slob, humor, clean

He loved his job, filtering the air to make it pure.    He loved his cozy little, cave-like home.  Everything was good.


But, as time went on, his outlook slid more and more into the GRIM.    (Shout out to Gary for the word. )    His once bright, clear view of the world turned darker, and darker.    He felt like he couldn’t breathe.    His skin felt like the fleece of a sheep that hadn’t been sheared for 7 years.    He despaired of ever seeing the sun again.

slob, humor, filthy

But, one day he heard a noise.    What could that be?     He heard a voice say, “Oh my!   No wonder!   Look how filthy this filter is!”

slob, humor, filthy

“At last!”    he thought.     “Things are gonna change for the better now!      I will get cleaned up, be able to breathe, and do my job more efficiently again!”

He felt himself being lifted up, flying thru the air.   He turned his head, looking back tward his cave.

“Hey!    What’s Frank, my younger cousin doing going there??    Hey, Frank!!   NO!!    That’s MY cave!     That’s MY job!!

slob, humor, clean








As he settled in, Frank thought to himself, “Wow!!   This sure is a premo cave, and a cushy job!    Why did Filip leave like that, without any notice??    Oh well, his loss, my gain.!”



Poor little filthy filter Filip, discarded on the ash heap of life.


18 thoughts on “Filthy Filter

  1. Can’t believe you have actually made me feel sorry for something that is not only a filter but is 3000 miles away and I have never even met it. 😟Poor Filip – and Frank, take heed!

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