Service Smiles

Hey, wasn’t too hard to come up with a title today!!    Got these all off Facebook.    So funny!! But no, not service as in doing a job.   Church service, baby!

Hope these smiles follow you all day!!

slob, humor, church meme slob, humor, church meme

Yup!   Nuttin like that Holy Ghost conviction!

slob, humor, church meme

Oh so very awkward!


slob, humor, church meme     Right??!!

slob, humor, church meme









slob, humor, church meme

Especially if she’s the pastor’s wife, like ours!!    Right, Sissy?   Bubba??

slob, humor, church meme

Oh snap!

slob, humor, church meme

This was us when we filled in for the missionary in Bahamas for 2 weeks!!


slob, humor, church meme

      Anybody else??    Oh, just me??     Riiiiiiight.


Service with a mile of smiles.     

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