Declutterathon Dresser Drawers

slob, humor, declutterathon

Finally- day 21!!       It seems like it’s taken me a month longer than everybody else to do a 3 week challenge!!      (Maybe because it HAS??      Queen Anne finished hers on Sept. 25! )

FPPPTT!!     (Exactly how do you spell that rude raspberry noise??)       Never mind, this’ll do.      slob, humor, raspberry

Alrightey, then!      Let’s dive straight into the straightening!!  

Timer set?       Ready, steady, set, GO!!      slob, humor, GO!

Top drawer revealed:   slob, humor, cluttered drawer  Dresser drawers!!      Not Southern type “drawers”!!

slob, humor, cluttered drawer   2nd drawer.      slob, humor, not too bad    3rd drawer.

Need to find the pic of the bottom drawer!!

In the top drawer I had tons of expired meds.      NOT good!!        I know, I know!!

slob, humor, cluttered     Aha!   Here it is!      The bottom drawer pic, I mean.     Okay, back to the expired meds.       Lots and LOTS of expired med!   

Lots, and LOTs of expired meds!      slob, humor, expired medicine      13 bottles, 1 baggy, and 2 boxes.        The top box is not even my med!       How do I have my Mama’s med???        So, I have it bagged up to take to the expired med. drop off place.        Thanks, Queen Anne for the info on finding that expired med. drop off place.      Also in the top drawer, was a memory T-shirt.       slob, humor, old memory     It seems unreal that I used to fit into this shirt!        No, we don’t need to mention how many years ago!!       My college BFF, Joyous, gave it to me, after she graduated our college, and moved on to the next one.      (3 guesses what it was! )       It is now in the memory box.

Also, a purple little bin, and a charging cord.       slob, humor, clutter       Could this be the charging cord for the laptop I already gave away???        If it is, happily, the lady lives just down the street!

Oh my, that 2nd drawer!!        What a literal treasure trove!!         I wonder how many elementary treasure chests you could stock outta that drawer??

Let’s see:

slob, humor, art- not clutter!slob, humor, not clutterslob, humor, art- not clutter! slob, humor, art- not clutterslob, humor, not clutter! just needs installedslob, humor, clutter?

Well, maybe not the vinyl letters…..      And the light switch plate is slated for the girls’ room.

slob, humor, nope, not a pair  Nice pair of purple gloves!!           Nope, not a pair.         Seriously??         Now we’re gonna start the whole thing over again, but with single gloves???              slob, humor, matched pair        Well, at least I have  1 matched pair!!         And since winter is only approx 49 hours long, I think I’ll be okay.      So the 2 spares went in file 13.        Yay!       Another slam dunk!          (But speaking of winter- where’s my hat?????)

Look what the 3rd drawer had in store, Jen!    slob, humor, single sock = clutter!      These single socks seem determined to follow in our very foot steps!!          Buh, bye!

slob, humor, clutter?    Bottom held this gem, along with fabric.        The fabric was shifted over to the left side, along with all the other fabric.       Now, what to do with this???   I no longer take breathing treatments.        (And haven’t in the last 8 years.     I do believe I’m good!)       But do I keep it just in case I ever do??           If I can donate it, where??           Questions, questions, everywhere, and no answers in sight.       I need a little Nony help right now!       I guess I’ll call the pharmacy, and see what they say.

Dresser drawers denuded:

Top.   slob, humor, declutteredslob, humor, decluttered    How neat and organized!!        I love it!!          Thank you!!           (IF you’re wondering what those vials are, they held the expired epi-pens.      Nony suggested keeping them for little stuff.         Like PP’s confetti, maybe??        Definitely!!)

2nd dresser drawer.   slob, humor, decluttered. just not organized      Ummm, well…. it’s decluttered …        Yup!  Undies only!!              And socks.             Yes, undies- tops, and bottoms, and socks.          But certainly not Kon-maried!!           And that’s ok.         It’s decluttered, only undies are there, and I’m all good with that!!

3rd drawer.         slob, humor, decluttered. not organized. There's a difference.         The all jammies, all the time drawer!           I’m excited that now I know where to put stuff, and I can find it now!!

Bottom:  The piece de resistance!              slob, humor, all decluttered!!

Just look at all that lovely empty space!!        Woot Woot!        I’m so proud of you!!         Thank you!!       I’m quite proud of myself!         Now, the trick is to keep it like that!!         You know they will want to see an update in a month or so!       I’ll keep that in mind!

Thus endeth the Royal Challenge of the Declared Declutterathon.        Queen Anne hath declared her pleasure with all her Ladies-In-Waiting!!  

slob, humor, queen

Queen Anne, that is!

Thank you, my Queen!


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15 thoughts on “Declutterathon Dresser Drawers

  1. Congratulations! What will you write about next? And as for the spelling of that rude noise, my sister and I have been pondering that very question for years and still not figured it out! Enjoy your new clutte free home! You did inspire me to do one room but that’s as far as I got! 😀

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