Matthew Memes

AS you all probably know, we had a “killer” storm here earlier this month.        My condolences to the family of the 1 lady that died.

These memes are too funny!!

slob, humor, Matthew memeslob, humor, Matthew meme    Bwahahaha!!

slob, humor, Matthew meme   Poor guy!!    slob, humor, Matthew meme   No cats were harmed in the making of this meme!!

slob, humor, Matthew meme

Pretty much!!

slob, humor, Matthew meme

Anyone else remember him?  Lol

slob, humor, Matthew meme

Just fine, thanks!!     Didn’t lose a single palm frond!

slob, humor, Matthew meme

I don’t really understand if this one is funny, or not. But I guess they had to include him since he’s named Matthew.


slob, humor, Matthew meme     Nope, don’t understand this one either, since I don’t watch TV.      Y’all tell me.     Is it funny??

slob, humor, Matthew meme






Yep!   That was about the extent of it at my house!

(Next time I wish they’d use spellcheck.)

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