Toddler Tornado Times Two

Remember the Toddler Tornado??        Well, now I have that times two!          PPJr isn’t toddling on her own 2 feet yet, but she is mobile!  

Oh, if only I could show y’all pix of my 2 girls!!         They are too gorgeous for words!         But, you’ll just have to take mine for it.         

Watch out!!      I’d forgotten exactly how far those little arms can reach!!         Almost as if she suddenly became Stretch Armstrong!  

slob, humor, Stretch Armstrong       (Do any of you whippersnappers know who he is??   He was so much fun to play with!      And to have strength contests with!       Whoever made his arms the longest was the “Armstrong”est!)        

Nothing is safe now!     She knocked over my water bottle.      She tried to grab my Bible off the table,  she stuck her hands in her sister’s plate of mac and cheese!

The aftermath:

Slob, humor, baby mess    She just started getting teething biscuits and Cheerios.      The teething biscuit was enjoyed by all!      (The paper was placed there by PP, after Jr. was removed from the scene, don’t worry!)

slob, humor, clutter



Not as bad as it could be!      Notice the stickers on the chair leg,  apparently the resident designer didn’t approve of the plain look!




Annnd, I forgot to take the pic of the floor that PP also decided was too plain, and stickered all to pieces.      Too late now, I already had a whoop-it-up-fun-party-time scraping ’em all up!!

slob, humor, baby mess     I need more of those baby-strap-the-toy-down-so-you-don’t-have-to-bend-over-five-thousand-times-a-day things!!       Because I have a feeling that PP is going to find out soon enough, that it’s not a fun game!

slob, humor, baby mess     Yes, this is more baby mess, okay, well, not all of it.      PP was “editing” our video collection, and somehow the pile fell over.     How did that happen??       Hmmm, she seemed surprised.        slob, humor, toddler mess      Ice pop tunnel.       (Sis gave me about 25 boxes of ice pops.     Even after donating 6 to my friend with 6 kids, exactly how many did I have left over??       PP can’t count that high, so we may never know!!       But after the freezer is full, there’s still plenty of boxes to build with!!)

slob, humor, bath mess      Bath aftermath.      2 towels for PP, what do you mean why??       She has to dry her hair too, ya know!      {The trash can is included free.}     The blankie was used as a bib, when I couldn’t reach one fast enough!      (Do NOT ask why!!)

slob, humor, toddler mess       The annex to PP’s art studio.

slob, humor, toddler mess




So much for “Keep it all on the table!”



slob, humor, baby mess

Claremary,  I  do try to use paper plates, yet I still end up with dishes!







So, all in all, not enough damage to declare a disaster area, just enough to give me some work to get it all neat and clean again!       And, they’ll happily do the damage all over again, when they come over next!        And, I’ll happily clean it up all over again!!        It works for us!

Bring it on, my toddler tornado times two!!

slob, humor, grandmother linky

I’m trying to figure out how to make it a real button!! Have patience, please!!

Hopefully soon I’ll figure out how to make the button function as it should.

35 thoughts on “Toddler Tornado Times Two

  1. Yes – I know this scenario so well! But as my own three grandchildren live in towns too far way to visit on a daily basis, I get my tornadoes spaced weeks apart. 😦 Two of them were here the weekend before last and as they hadn’t been for quite some time, their bedroom with all the millions of toys was a real novelty for them.

    There was me thinking, well, they are almost 5 and 7 now, so lots of these toys need to go. Wrong! Within minutes of arriving, the whole room looked as if there had been an explosion in a toy factory. I didn’t realise they had SO many cars, bricks, and building things with millions of teeny pieces. I couldn’t see the floor!

    When they left, we all drove the 12 miles to my parents house in separate cars and they left from there to go home, When we got home, on our own, to find various toys laying around the house that had been over-looked when they cleared up, I got that awful pang I always get and the tears started pricking at my eyes.

    I still haven’t tidied the bedroom back to the ordered state I usually have it in because I can’t bear seeing it sitting like that for weeks just waiting for my boys to come back. Boo hoo. Poor me. However, the silence is kind of nice and I don’t have to barricade the door to my craft room. 🙂

    And by the way, it’s good to see someone else who does not post pictures of their grandchildren online. I wouldn’t do it any way, but my kids would be very angry with me if I did.

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    • Exactly!! It’s wonderful to have them, and it’s wonderful to have silence when they’re gone! And not having to lock stuff up is good too!
      Oh yes, my daughter let it be known when PP was born- no online presence! After she read me the riot act, (preemptively) I only did it once, just PP’s outline, not her face. Then, I got the riot act, WWII version!! Really, the stuff she told me scared me half to death!! So, now when I see people plaster their kids all over the place, I get nervous for them!


  2. I commend you for at least trying with the paper plates. But I understand that this is an almost impossible task!. Give up and surrender to the mess, I say. Keep your sanity in tact for as long as possible! And get some fuzzy slippers for your little icicle toes. Lots of love and mostly bad advice, your friend, Ethel

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  4. Oh how wonderful and non-messy our home would be without the grandbabies but then how boring would it be? VERY BORING!!! Hey, I understand not posting pics of the grands, I don’t either. We can get our stories across without that, huh? Thanks again so much for joining in on our Blogging Grandmothers Link Party #1. We sure appreciate you partying with us!

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  5. Too funny, when my grandchildren come to visit, my mantra becomes “enjoy them now and this too shall pass” at least we are having fun with the ones we love. It’s all good and stickers do come off, so nothing is permanently damaged.

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