Choice Church Chuckles

It’s Monday again!!  Yaya!     Yet another week that I don’t have to go face students in a classroom!!     I really am so thankful for that, you really have no idea.    Well, if you’ve ever done it, then you probably do!

Anyway, our meme theme this week is church chuckles, once again.     These are my choices for your entertainment.    These are meant to have a lighthearted laugh over, not to mock church.    Just thought I better straighten that out at the git go.

Okay, enough dilly dallying!     Let’s laugh!

slob, humor, church memeslob, humor, church meme  slob, humor, church memeslob, humor, church meme

 Uh huh!!  I got that eye several times!        Ouch!!   That one stepped on my toes!!

slob, humor, church meme     Yup, when what you’re thinking can’t be said out loud!

slob, humor, church meme

slob, humor, church meme

slob, humor, church meme

                                                   That’s about right!!

slob, humor, church meme

Solution- memorize the whole Bible!!    😉     A wonderful idea, just not sure I can at this point in my life!    (Just like I’m guessing they pretended to proof read!!   “Your” is not you are!!)

So, how hard did you laugh??     I hope long, and loud!!

See ya next Monday, with more memes.

Tomorrow with more slob adventures.

30 thoughts on “Choice Church Chuckles

  1. Oh Melinda, I am so glad I finally got a chance to visit you, what a great post, I laughed my head off at these! So true, all of them, they’re hilarious! That first one about what we think we look like during worship had me laugh out loud! Love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed a good laugh this Monday morning my friend, you’re the best!! ❤ 🙂 xoxoxo

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  2. I am laughing at that look on the Dad’s face from the show with Erkel on it. He was noticing kids running around the church. . . 😀
    Man, would that Erkel guy have tried my patience and made me make contorted faces!

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