Finally Fall

Sis says I can’t call it officially fall, until the temps are down in the 50s.      Well, we made it!

slob, humor, fall!!  At 8:30 pm!   slob, humor, time stamp

So, I’m calling it:  It’s Finally Fall, y’all!!        And that’s official!

A coupla weeks ago, actually.  Just been so busy, hadn’t gotten, ya know:

slob, humor, roundtuit

And now I have!

Oh yeah, now that it’s time to break out Christmas, here’s a peek at my fall decor.

slob, humor, turkey decor   Welcome to the porch.   slob, humor, fall decor                                                                                                                     Welcome in the front door.   slob, humor, fall decor                         Oops, pumpkin down!   slob, humor, fall decor

I photographed it just like the other- why did it turn??      Technology hates me!

slob, humor, fall decor (duh!)                slob, humor, fall decor - yes it is!   Composition- all PP!

Handmade by PP, and yours truly, of course!        I think we need to start an Etsy shop!!


Paper Purgathon

Queen Anne has once more declared a De-clutterathon!     Except, this time it’s a Paper Purgathon!

slob, humor, herald trumpet

“Hear ye, hear ye!     Her Royal Majesty, Queen Anne of Minimalia, hath declared a Paper Purgathon thru out the land.       Thou must gathereth together all pieces of paper in thine house, and purge them ruthlessly. Keepeth thou None of them!      

 (Well, not very many, anyway.)

Queen Anne waiteth patiently for thine accounting.”

slob, humor, banner

I’ll be chiming in with my 2 cents worth!! 

Wanna join us?  Even if you don’t blog, join the party!      Purge with us!        Paper- be gone!



Queen Anne’s Fellow Sovereigns:

– Melinda, at PurpleSlobinRecovery, is joining with about 15 minutes a day.
– Viv, at GriefHappens, said she needed to be on this “like an over-sugared kid in a bouncy house”, and is joining with 30 minutes a day.🙂
– Jena, at All Round Better me,  is in for 60 minutes a week.
– Amy, at More time than money, also joining with 60 minutes a week.
– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, just told me she is joining, woohoo!

Sitting on the fence;
– Gilly, at Anything Except Housework is waiting to see if we survive it all.😉
– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is hard at work on her front porch, and hasn’t quuuuite decided yet.😉

Tickled Turkey

I know Thanksgiving is officially over, but I kept seeing all these hilarious turkey memes, so I just had to share!     I hope your funny bone is as tickled as mine!

slob, humor, turkey meme     Lol, right??      (Try 15!)

slob, humor, Thanksgiving meme

But he forgot dessert!

slob, humor, turkey meme

I don’t usually do political, but….

slob, humor, turkey meme











         Poor sucker!

slob, humor, turkey meme

This one’s not a turkey, but..

slob, humor, pie meme

slob, humor, turkey memes slob, humor, turkey memescan’t stop!

slob, humor, turkey memes

slob, humor, turkey memes

I just can’t stop!  Laughing!

slob, humor, turkey meme  slob, humor, turkey meme

slob, humor, turkey meme

slob, humor, turkey meme

Nice try!















slob, humor, turkey meme

slob, humor, turkey meme slob, humor, turkey meme

And last, but not least.

slob, humor, Thanksgiving meme

I sure hope none of yours was like that!!


Thanksgiving in the South…

My friend, Brenda, has written the most hilarious piece! It explains a Southern Thanksgiving to a “T”!! Enjoy!!

Camellia's Cottage

It’s always fun to try to explain the South- it occurred to me that Thanksgiving in the South might provide some enlightenment of our people and our region.. We all know how interesting, madd…

Source: Thanksgiving in the South…

View original post

Rave Review

As I’ve mentioned before;  Janice is the author of the wildly successful e-book;   slob, humor, BBFFJ's book

And why is she so successful, you may ask??      Because she follows her own expert advice!!


So, of course since she’s my BBFFJ, I eagerly offered to read it, and give a review.      (I’m no dummy!    I’d be first to find out her secrets!!)

slob, humor, society

This is the review Marsha referenced, in her article, :How Do I Know Which Blogs Give the Best Advice?”         Marsha has posted her own review of Janice’s book here.


PurpleSlobinRecovery Reviews “An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog: Tips and Tricks from the Creator of Mostly Blogging.”

            Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce premier blogging expert, and my BestBloggingFriendForever, Janice Wald!     Janice, or BBFFJ, as I call her, is a teacher, with a huge heart for helping others reach their full potential.    Not only her students, but everyone in the whole blogosphere!!     And that’s exactly what her new e-book accomplishes!

This e-book is a veritable treasure trove of tried and true wisdom.    Once you’re finished reading this book, you too will know how to build a successful blog, guaranteed!!     (Unless you it read it in your sleep, then the guarantee is null and void.)

In her list of 71 Tested Tips to Help you Blog Better”, she solicited quotes from 71 of her readers.    Even me!!    And I’m as far from an expert, as you can get!    (I didn’t even know what SEO was, until BBFFJ taught me!  )     

 #48. “Comment on others’ blogs.”      And as you might expect, she was the one who taught me that, as well!

This e-book will introduce you to outstanding blogs, and bloggers that are very influential in the field.    Networking is of supreme importance, and you will acquire that skill set.

Seriously, BBFFJ’s e-book is the encyclopedia Britannica for Blogging!      (Oops, I think I just gave away my age there!)     She includes all the wealth of knowledge needed to do exactly as the title says.

Need to know WHERE to promote your blog??     Look no further!    Don’t know WHEN, or HOW to promote your blog?    Never fear!      Janice is here!    (With the answers to ALL your questions.    No, she won’t tell you where Jimmy Hoffa is; it has to be Blogging related!)

This book is a compilation of her posts teaching the ins and outs of blogging.   

  • Knowing when to start a blog.
  • Finding your niche.
  • Finding your voice.
  • How to make, and use excellent graphics.
  • How to post superior content.
  • How to build a blogging community.

And so many other things, you’ll have to read the book to find out!!

You’ll even learn the paramount skill for bloggers:  How to blog, and STILL find time to sleep!!    

slob, humor, sleeping


Under “Examples of Blog Brands”, my BBFFJ once again features lil, ole ME!  {And no, I’m not paying her off!  😉 }

“Melinda Mitchell has a self-deprecating online presence. Her persona is funny, creative, and highly critical of herself. She calls her blog Purple Slob in Recovery, and that is her online presence—she is a purple slob. Bear in mind I am not calling Melinda a slob. This is her online name for herself. Her self-deprecating persona continues into her posts. A typical post, “Library Loser,” explains how she loses library books. Her avatar is that of a woman wearing purple, looking distressed.

slob, humor, Purple Slob- me!

She carries this “purple” theme across her social media. Her Facebook name is Purplelinda. Another creative maneuver that makes Melinda a stand-out blogger is her use of alliteration in her headlines. “Dying Dishes” is another one of her posts detailing the filth that covers her dishes. The post asks where dishes that dirty go to die.”

Oh, ok, I forgot for a second there that I was reviewing my BBFFJ’s book.  Enough about me!!     Back to the book!!

Another vital topic is; “87 Free Blogging Tools.”       Everything in the book is pure gold, so have your highlighter at the ready!!

“Currently, there are over 1 billion websites online. In order to make yours stand out and achieve visibility, you need an action plan.”      If your action plan does NOT include devouring this book, you’ll be sorry!      GET IT TODAY!!



Can you tell I love slob, humor, happy! ?        Oh fer Pete’s sake!      WE know you love yourself!       This is about JANICE, not you!!       Not that anybody would know that, with all the references to yourself you crammed into Janice’s review!

Oh, right!     Janice!  

slob, humor, Janice Wald

My BBFFJ, AKA Janice Wald www.mostlyblogging,com

I love Janice, and Janice loves me!       Now go buy her book, and she’ll love you too!

Thinking Thankfully

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!        I do hope y’all are all spending the day with family, and friends       And that you’re giving thanks for your many blessings!!

If you have food, you’re blessed!     If you have a dry, safe place to sleep, you’re blessed!       If you’re alive, and well, you’re blessed!

And the biggest blessing of all is if you have Jesus!!

I’m so thankful for all my many blessings.     I can’t even name ’em all here.     WP would probably cancel my page, due to the humongously long load time!

So, I’ll try to just make a short list.

  • God!!
  • Family!!     
  • Friends!
  • Church!
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!
  • You my readers!!
  • Food!
  • My house!
  • Vanronica!

And on, and on, and on…

I’m writing this Sunday night, and here’s what I just spent 1 1/2 hours doing:

Can you guess??

slob, humor, Thanksgiving cardslob, humor, more cardsslob, humor, even more cards!

You got it in 1!!      Homemade Thanksgiving cards.     (Or should I say “hand”made cards?!?

Well worth it, wouldn’t you say!      (And yes, for those sharp eyed readers, I did “edit”  PPJr’s hand a little!)    slob, humor, traced baby hand       This just wasn’t gonna do!!


To all my Readers,    Happy Thanksgiving!      

Love, PurpleSlob, AKA Purplelinda, Melinda





Beautiful Bath Bottom

Oh no, Melinda!          What’s bugging ya now??         Are you really gonna talk about your bottom??           NO!!      Silly, I’m talking about the bottom of the BATH!        Ya know, the floor??

AS a reminder, as if you need it, I’m sure many of you germophobes (Kristen) are still retching from seeing it the first time.        My carpeted bath floor.

slob, humor, bath carpet      OH!    And I didn’t even show you the WORST part!!

There’s worst???        Noooo!!!         (People fainting, as they clutch their heads, moaning.)

slob, humor, petrified poop




That, ladies, and gents is petrified poop.      In my bath vent.         The legacy of the lady(?)  with 3 cats, who evidently didn’t know their litter box, from a hole in the ground.

Thank you, Jim, for shoveling that up for me!!!

Yes, I closed the vent when I moved in, and pretended it no longer existed.      But it’s hard to ignore when you see it every time you sit down!!        He only left it there a day or two.        Maybe to make sure I realized what a great debt of gratitude I owed him???

Anyway, y’all can all open your eyes now, it’s gone.

The materials piled up, ready to go.     slob, humor, new bath materials

{Can’t WAIT to show you the sink!!       But that’s another day.      It’s on the floor now, but it doesn’t belong there!}

Here’s how it looked after he ripped up the carpet.

slob, humor, stripped floor  Those strips of double backed tape ain’t no joke!!       After 50 years, they were still so sticky, I got stuck to the floor!!       And I had gone in barefoot, not even giving it a thought!        Come to think about it, maybe it was good that I went in barefoot, otherwise, he might have had to tile over a pair of shoes!!       Seriously, it took pulling with all my body weight, to pick up my feet!    Then, I had to walk to the sink, and reverse the process all the way back to the door!       So now I have literally invested skin in the game!  lol

Thankfully, that stage only lasted overnight.  WHEW!

slob, humor, backer board stage    The backer board stage.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, SF let me stay at his house that whole week.     He was the only one who had 2 bedrooms, with an actual bed in it!       Thanks, SF!!         I can’t live without a potty!!

slob, humor, self explanatoryThen of course, the project had gotten more involved, since there was no shut off valve for the toilet, so the whole house had to be shut down for the whole week.      Thankfully, he knew how to do that too!!

slob, humor, almost there!    Almost there!!

slob, humor, grouted       The grouting stage.

The toilet I had had sitting in the workshop for a year!!        Now, finally I was gonna have a taller potty!!   YAH!!

He decided to also add a tile baseboard.     Looks wonderful!!

slob, humor, beautiful new floor!

I can’t thank you enough Jim!!

(Now the cabinet looks so bad, it needs to go too!!     Plus, it’s so low, I almost have to bend in half to reach the sink!!      Who did they build this for?      A Little Person??)

It only makes sense, if I get a new floor, and sink, that I get a new vanity too, right??       And about that ugly tub…..      Please, a new shower curtain too, that’s NOT blue??


Melinda’s Many Mentions

Lately, I’m just everywhere on the webz!!      What??      You’re not familiar with Melinda’s many mentions??       Let me help ya out there!

My BBFFJ, and I have a long standing habit of writing about each other.slob, humor, society







Queen Anne started off a de-cluttering round of “Melinda’s Many Mentions”.

slob, decluttering, challenge


Back to my BBFFJ.


slob, humor, challenge



(The fact that Judy started the quote challenge, and then I nominated people, and they were obligated to thank me, has nothing to do with this shameless self promotion!)

Chosen Church Chuckles

Today I have chosen more church chuckles.    I enjoy them so much!    I hope you do too.

slob, humor, church meme    Bwahahaha!   slob, humor, church meme    Oooh!   Don’t bother me!

slob, humor, church meme


slob, humor, church meme

Aw, so close!

slob, humor, approved movies

YUP!!     Back in my day, movies weren’t allowed at ALL!

slob, humor, argue


slob, humor, funny church

What can I say????

slob, humor poor guy

Poor guy!

slob, humor, crying

slob, humor, what?

Say what???

Chuckles, anyone??   Have a great week!!     Beautiful Bath pix coming soon!


Table Turkeys

Today we’re gonna make table turkeys, for Thanksgiving.

First, ya need to get ahold of one of these:  

slob, humor, baby hand

Holding her is pure bliss!

Then trace it.       Oops!    Shoulda said have the paper, and pen ready!        Let go of baby’s hand, go get paper, and pen.       Recapture hand.      Hold it down, while frantically drawing at the speed of light, or at least attempting.     It will look something like this.

slob, humor, traced baby hand

Yes, I promise I was tracing attempting to trace PPJr’s real hand.

Make sure you write what it is, whose, and the date.     Because I can guarantee you in a year, you’ll think to yourself, “What in the WORLD is that hideous lump??    Any WHY did I keep it??”

Then, trace PP’s hand.        Or, let her do it “MYSEF!”      {As if I could stop her…}      It will look something like this.

slob, humor, toddler traced own hand

Breathe Melinda, she is only 3.

Trace your own hand.                      Possibly intrigue toddler enough to let you trace her hand.            slob, humor, adult traced toddler hand        Yay!   It worked!

Hey wait a minute!             <long suffering sigh>         Yes, may I help you?           Whose art project IS this anyway?  Yours, or theirs?           WEll, uh, ours?           Because if its theirs, you need to let them do every part they can, without judging quality of results, according to your standard.    Hoo boy, you may be right.      *sniff*     I am!

Okay, here we go.        Cut out the hands.      Glue onto another whole sheet of paper.     Use scraps to make “woggle”, the red dangley bit,  slob, humor, turkey woggle       Is that the scientific name?       I sincerely doubt it! and beak.      

slob, humor, turkey beak       Glue those on, add eye with marker, or if ya have some, let her glue on a googley eye.       Make feathers, and glue behind the fingers.       Draw in feet, or make them outta scraps.    slob, humor, Omie made turkey

I know I haven’t finished the feathers, but at this point, I’m just done!!        Laying down for a nice, long, nap in 3, 2, 1…….


Decorate your table with homemade turkey table place mats!!      Or, hang them on the wall, so you can keep them, as a memory!