Florida Funnies

First there was Florida Flippancies.      Then, there was Flipped over Flippancies.        Now, I bring you “Florida Funnies!”

slob, humor, miracle

slob, humor, pain like no other

Not even joking!!      These things hurt like no other!!      Be so glad if you never experienced it yourself!!        The pain is like legos on steriods!!

slob, humor, which is which

I can’t tell!!       Where’s the answer key????

slob, humor, ubiquitous vases

They were everwhere in my youth!!!

slob, humor, humidity

It doesn’t say FL, but it doesn’t have to!! WE know it is!

slob,humor, gator

slob, humor, officially too hot

Once again, doesn’t specify FL, but we who live here KNOW!!

slob, humor, true!

Swim, bike, RUN, Forrest, RUN!!


slob, humor, state bird


slob, humor, too close

slob, humor, lol










slob, humor, whitey!

Your skin color when you’re not used to the beach!!

Hope you laughed your head off!    (Not literally, course!)

slob, humor, grandmother linky

I’m trying to figure out how to make it a real button!! Have patience, please!!


33 thoughts on “Florida Funnies

  1. All funny but really love the foundation one! Do people really try and wear foundation in that climate?!!!!! Sorry I have been AWOL from commenting – life threw me a couple more balls to juggle but will be here when I can.

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      • Oh it’s just the natural progression of life – my parents are 88 and 90 and still live independently with support from me and my sister. But my mum needs a new hip and it got so bad recently that she can barely walk. So they need lots of extra help now. Have been fighting with our National Health Sevice get her hip replacement surgery but getting nowhere. We have finally found a way to get it done and so I am in a race against time getting a room in their house cleared of junk (yes, shades of de-cluttering again!!! 😀) and decorated ready to move in to look after my dad while mum is in hospital. There are lots of knock on effects for my sister and I so we are very busy fire-fighting those too. The op is only a couple of weeks away now so life is pretty crazy right now. Am not sad, am happy that we are able to be there and make their last year’s as easy as possible. Our husbands are very supportive thank goodness! So I am reading and writing in sporadic bursts whenever I can at the moment and very soon it might get even more sporadic – but I will be back! Thank you. Hope you are doing ok.

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      • Wow! You and your sis have a lot on your plates!! What a blessing y’all are to your mum and dad! After all, they’re a blessing to y’all!! Supportive husbands are the best!
        I’ll see ya whenever you get a chance!
        Prayers for Mum’s quick recovery!

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  2. I saw a video in the news a few days ago – I think it was from Japan maybe? An alligator (or maybe it was a crocodile; it was dark so who knows) wandered into someone’s pool in the back yard while 2 people were swimming. The guy jumped out and ran for his life, leaving his female companion to fend for herself to get out. Fortunately, she didn’t lose any limbs in the process although I think he did chomp some of her skin.

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  3. Ok, Melinda, I am going to take it personally. This alligator is my friend! When tourists start complaining about Florida heat, we offer a mohito! Yes, they are $45 a pop on Ocean Drive, but we count on your brain melting together with your makeup.
    (I don’t even know which one made me laugh more!)

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  4. Those were FUNny! What’s with the walker on the beach? Those hotdogs or legs kinda looked like hotdogs to me. The bathing suit was funny, that would be me in a two piece. Thanks so much Melinda for joining in on our Blogging Grandmothers Link Party #2. We sure appreciate you partying with us! Looking forward to you joining us again next weekend!

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    • I guess someone had the “miracle” of being able to walk?? I don’t see how you’d even get that far with a walker in the first place!!
      Yeah, I couldn’t ever decide- hot dogs or legs either! lol
      Me too!
      You’re welcome! My pleasure!


  5. These are all very funny. My extent of my experience is to spend a couple of days before and a day after a cruise in Miami. We had a wonderful hotel and were there for a couple of extra days, we had the opportunity to explore a bit. We were there in November but I can’t imagine trying to wear foundation on a hot, and humid Florida summer day. Thanks for sharing the laughs with The Blogging Grandmothers. I hope you will join us again next week.

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  6. Having lived in East TN most of my life, I didn’t understand Florida. After living here a couple months now…I get it. I totally get it now!! And, yes, I had to laugh along!! Thank you for the humor this morning! 🙂 Blessings ❤

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