Jenerous Janice

In her article

Microsoft Will Make You Get More Blogging Done in Less Time



my BBFFJ  has featured me once again!!     (See why she’s my BestBloggingFriendForever???)


  • “You can send what you’ve stored in your OneDrive with other people. Blogger Melinda Mitchell is reviewing my ebook. Since the book hasn’t been uploaded to Amazon yet, she sent me her review directly. I received the review she put in her OneDrive in my email.”


Janice jenerously gives credit where credit is due.  I wrote a review for her new e-book, then she featured me on her blog.    AGAIN!!     (Yes, I do realize generously is misspelled.)

We are such best buds!!       We’re in a mutual admiration society of our very own!        I need to print us up some T-shirts, or something!!      

slob, humor, society  slob, humor, society     The purple for me, the blue for her.     DUH!!

  And make us Co-Presidents!

slob, humor, society    slob, humor, society  I know it’s a different purple.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked best!

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