Table Turkeys

Today we’re gonna make table turkeys, for Thanksgiving.

First, ya need to get ahold of one of these:  

slob, humor, baby hand

Holding her is pure bliss!

Then trace it.       Oops!    Shoulda said have the paper, and pen ready!        Let go of baby’s hand, go get paper, and pen.       Recapture hand.      Hold it down, while frantically drawing at the speed of light, or at least attempting.     It will look something like this.

slob, humor, traced baby hand

Yes, I promise I was tracing attempting to trace PPJr’s real hand.

Make sure you write what it is, whose, and the date.     Because I can guarantee you in a year, you’ll think to yourself, “What in the WORLD is that hideous lump??    Any WHY did I keep it??”

Then, trace PP’s hand.        Or, let her do it “MYSEF!”      {As if I could stop her…}      It will look something like this.

slob, humor, toddler traced own hand

Breathe Melinda, she is only 3.

Trace your own hand.                      Possibly intrigue toddler enough to let you trace her hand.            slob, humor, adult traced toddler hand        Yay!   It worked!

Hey wait a minute!             <long suffering sigh>         Yes, may I help you?           Whose art project IS this anyway?  Yours, or theirs?           WEll, uh, ours?           Because if its theirs, you need to let them do every part they can, without judging quality of results, according to your standard.    Hoo boy, you may be right.      *sniff*     I am!

Okay, here we go.        Cut out the hands.      Glue onto another whole sheet of paper.     Use scraps to make “woggle”, the red dangley bit,  slob, humor, turkey woggle       Is that the scientific name?       I sincerely doubt it! and beak.      

slob, humor, turkey beak       Glue those on, add eye with marker, or if ya have some, let her glue on a googley eye.       Make feathers, and glue behind the fingers.       Draw in feet, or make them outta scraps.    slob, humor, Omie made turkey

I know I haven’t finished the feathers, but at this point, I’m just done!!        Laying down for a nice, long, nap in 3, 2, 1…….


Decorate your table with homemade turkey table place mats!!      Or, hang them on the wall, so you can keep them, as a memory!






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