Chosen Church Chuckles

Today I have chosen more church chuckles.    I enjoy them so much!    I hope you do too.

slob, humor, church meme    Bwahahaha!   slob, humor, church meme    Oooh!   Don’t bother me!

slob, humor, church meme


slob, humor, church meme

Aw, so close!

slob, humor, approved movies

YUP!!     Back in my day, movies weren’t allowed at ALL!

slob, humor, argue


slob, humor, funny church

What can I say????

slob, humor poor guy

Poor guy!

slob, humor, crying

slob, humor, what?

Say what???

Chuckles, anyone??   Have a great week!!     Beautiful Bath pix coming soon!


17 thoughts on “Chosen Church Chuckles

  1. As someone whose religion consists of kindness to all (ALL creatures on earth) and a ‘do as you would be done by’ attitude to life, I worship out in the world by being kind to people and not killing the ones who p*** me off. What I am trying to say is, I don’t go to church. I think church in the US is a whole different thing to church in the UK. Our churches are full of judgemental hypocrites (yes that is a judgement of my own! 🙂 ) and weird clergymen (one highly respected local vicar has just been charged with a whole series of offences involving secretly filming men in public rest-rooms!) Having said all that, I can still really appreciate the humor in your post and the pictures made me laugh. 🙂

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      • It is never ending at my parents’ house at the moment – and very emotional as my mum wants it done but my dad doesn’t. So huge sensitivity needed. Had today off at home and didn’t get dressed all day – I felt exhausted. My mother is having her hip op next week so it’s all crazy for us all right now as my sister and I prepare to ‘move back home’ for a few weeks. Hope you are getting that bath sorted! 🙂

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  2. Lol, these were hilarious! I especially loved #1, I can sooooo relate. I have many of those shoes that are now only meant to be worn in the car and out, directly into the restaurant, LOL. 🙂


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