Finally Fall

Sis says I can’t call it officially fall, until the temps are down in the 50s.      Well, we made it!

slob, humor, fall!!  At 8:30 pm!   slob, humor, time stamp

So, I’m calling it:  It’s Finally Fall, y’all!!        And that’s official!

A coupla weeks ago, actually.  Just been so busy, hadn’t gotten, ya know:

slob, humor, roundtuit

And now I have!

Oh yeah, now that it’s time to break out Christmas, here’s a peek at my fall decor.

slob, humor, turkey decor   Welcome to the porch.   slob, humor, fall decor                                                                                                                     Welcome in the front door.   slob, humor, fall decor                         Oops, pumpkin down!   slob, humor, fall decor

I photographed it just like the other- why did it turn??      Technology hates me!

slob, humor, fall decor (duh!)                slob, humor, fall decor - yes it is!   Composition- all PP!

Handmade by PP, and yours truly, of course!        I think we need to start an Etsy shop!!


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