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I just hit a new milestone, 500 posts!!  

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500 posts!! Go, me!


Is that like 500 episodes on TV??     I don’t know, but I know I’m really proud of myself!      I’ve stuck with blogging for over 2 years now!!     So much has happened in the last 2 years, it’s crazy.

DD1 got married, and she and PP moved out.      Well, DUH!  

slob, humor, duh






I know, I know, I should have expected she’d want to live with her husband!

I moved: Twice!

my first place all on my own

My Very First Place, All on my Own!

Ranch Man (now known as EX) and I got divorced.     

Mitchell marriage ended Feb 24 2016

My 55th birthday









PPJr joined the family!

I finished DD2’s  (the DR!!) kwilt!    Finally!!!    After only 9 years in the making!

slob, humor, quilt finished!

It was already folded in half, cuz I wanted ya to see my face!

I’ve shared my life’s story.

Strawberry City to Strawberry Scribblings

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I’ve de-cluttered, re-cluttered, and de-cluttered some more.     Even made a Declutterathon out of it!

Shared the ups and downs of being an Omie.

And bragged on yourself endlessly!!


slob, humor, funniest award

That’s me!! Well, my category, anyway!!

slob, humor, awards

How pretty is this?? Thank you Camellia!

{Trust me, there’s lots more!     But her head’s too big to cram any more in here!}

Lost my health, recovered it, lost weight, regained some…

Quoted the Bible a LOT!!     I want anyone who reads this blog to know I’m a proud Christian, follower of Christ.     And that He died on the cross, and rose again, to take away their sins.   And God loves you!!      John 3:16.

And made a wonderful community of friends!

So many it’s hard to just name a few, but here goes anyway!      My BBFF Janice, Stella, Angela, Anne M., Gail, Ethel, Sherri, Lady Sunshine, Neerja, Jenny, Susie, Queen Anne, Brenda, Willow, Kristen T.C. (well, I knew her IRL first!), Himali, Josh, Gary, Carrie, Jen, Sakshi, Roopam, Judy, Carmen, Ralph, Linda, Marsha, Gilly, Nancy, Sarah Eliza, Lorelei, Grammy, Sandra, Teagan, Annabelle, Sue, Melanie, Feisty, Grace, Terry, Donna, Kirt, H.O., Joel, Dolly, Katie, and special shout out to my beloved Nony- we aren’t close personal friends, but she inspired my blog journey, and has answered several of my comments!! …..  I love y’all ALL!! Even if you don’t see your name, because I had a brain blip, I love ya!   And please forgive me!

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So many memories, I love my life!!


Giving Girl

Jenny is a wonderful friend, and mother of 6!!  kids, that I’ve met blogging.    Her honesty about both the joys, and um, trials of parenting a large family somehow is always funny!

She is a Christian (Mormon), that’s the way she writes it, guys!     So, in order to focus more on Christ, at Christmas, she does this Advent Ornaments, Names of Christ activity.      And now, just for us, she’s giving away 2 sets!!

Thank you Jenny!!

How great is that!!    Teaching your kids the names of Christ is sooo important!       And focusing on our Savior, instead of “gimmes”  is huge!!

So, run over there, and enter in!      Even if you don’t win, you’ll have a good laugh, and make new friends!!       Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!         (No, sorry, she is NOT coming by your house with food.      That’s not part of the giveaway!)


Update:  I won!!    So excited!!     And no, it had nothing to do with me writing this post!!     ( I asked! )      I was randomly chosen by some (very smart) computer thingy.



Bad, Bad, Bath

Remember Bad Bad Shoes??       Well, this has nothing to do with that!        Umm, okaaaay, then why did you bring it up??       Just so I could repeat part of the title, and link to an old post!          {Shakes head}     Melinda, you are incorrigible!         I know!     Ain’t it great??!!

Okay, so where does the Bad, Bad, Bath part come in?        Well, I’ll show you!

slob, humor, bath carpet  Horrible hideousness!!       What in the Sam Hill were these people thinking to put carpet in a BATHROOM????          I know it LOOKS purple- trust me, it wasn’t!!     It was a filthy blue-gray- who knows what the color was originally??

slob, humor, ugly    Ugh, ugh, ugly!!     I guess it could have been worse!

slob, humor, ugly bath




Don’t all these different textures and patterns just make you feel serene??       Nope??        Me neither!!




slob, humor, ugly green sink!     One of the 2 worst parts- green fixtures!!    (My contractor already had the mirror removed before I realized he was gonna start working!)   Thank God the toilet was white!!     

slob, humor, ugly green   Speaking of my contractor:   Here’s Jim! slob, humor, contractor Jim








Well, maybe this is even worse than the green??

slob, humor, mildew    Mildew is really bad, Melinda!      I know!   I know!!

Horrible hideousness!!     But trust me, it has already been scrubbed multiple times!!

Nicole-when I first moved in.

and Jessica-this past summer.

But not by you??      Surely you jest!!        You know me, right??        Seriously tho, since it’s been scrubbed, maybe it’s not really mildew, but an alien life form??

Anyway, this is the bad, bad, bath.     Beautiful new bath on its way!!      YAY!

Mashed Monday Memes

Here it is Memes Monday again!!     Yay!       They’re gonna just be all mashed up today.       I’m just not even feeling a theme.       The first 10 I come to are it.

So, here ya go.

slob, humor, scary math

At least they’re honest!

slob, humor, more scary math

Honestly, how hard is it to count to five??        Apparently, that’s one pay grade above them!!

slob, humor, germ shout out

Eeeks!!       Looks like there’s a theme going anyway!!        Scary math!

slob, humor, exercise     I doan know.      Is this funny??

slob, humor, tacos

This one is funny!!        And maybe a burrito!

slob, humor, ADD

Yup, pretty much!         Then, ya gotta get up and dance, then ya gotta pee, then you try to go to sleep……


slob, humor, amoebas
















This one tickles my funny bone.  Too bad he doesn’t have one!

slob, humor, aliens

Aha!!      So, I’m NOT just paranoid!       It IS a plot!

slob, humor, fail

Love the Far Side!!       This would be me!

slob, humor, books

I think this one is hysterical!!       MY kinda Kindle!!

Did ya get your laugh on??

Start your week right, belly laugh!



This is such a wonderful way to remember, and honor our veterans, and offer help!! We all owe them our lives, and a huge debt of gratitude! Because of them, we still live in a free country!
Thank a vet today!! Thanks, Feisty for this article!

Dewey Hop


Continuing along in the library read through project, I read about “honor crimes” and the exploitation of women and girls–just some of the things our vets have fought against. It really came as no surprise to me that the next major topic I encountered was veterans themselves. I am still reading in the 360’s, Social Problems & Social Services. Our vets are sadly not immune from social problems. Many vets come back with physical injuries that are easier to see and treat. Unfortunately many vets also come back with no visible signs of injury and struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Unseen injuries are the hardest to treat and often lead to the visible social issues we can see:






 In addition to the social issues depicted above, many vets experience difficulties in their marriages, relationships, and  problems in the workplace (if they have actually…

View original post 1,304 more words

Marsha, Marshmallow, Marsha

I wanted to name this post “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”          (Remember The Brady Bunch??)          But then, I decided putting marshmallow in the middle would be more fun!!

slob, humor, Marsha  slob, humor, marshmallow  slob, humor, Marsha

     Sweet lady!!    Sweet treat!!     Sweet lady!!

Marsha wrote about me yesterday!!

  1. Melinda is funny and personable. She wrote, “I began blogging, in August, 2014, as a way to hold myself accountable for cleaning up my house, and forcing it to “lose weight”, by de-cluttering.  Little did I know that 8 months later, I would embark on a journey of forcing myself to lose weight as well!!” She lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of confidence because of blogging. “


This is part of a review of my BBFFJs new book; Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog.


Thanks, Marsha!!       Looks like I might have to print up more T-shirts!

Jenerous Janice

In her article

Microsoft Will Make You Get More Blogging Done in Less Time



my BBFFJ  has featured me once again!!     (See why she’s my BestBloggingFriendForever???)


  • “You can send what you’ve stored in your OneDrive with other people. Blogger Melinda Mitchell is reviewing my ebook. Since the book hasn’t been uploaded to Amazon yet, she sent me her review directly. I received the review she put in her OneDrive in my email.”


Janice jenerously gives credit where credit is due.  I wrote a review for her new e-book, then she featured me on her blog.    AGAIN!!     (Yes, I do realize generously is misspelled.)

We are such best buds!!       We’re in a mutual admiration society of our very own!        I need to print us up some T-shirts, or something!!      

slob, humor, society  slob, humor, society     The purple for me, the blue for her.     DUH!!

  And make us Co-Presidents!

slob, humor, society    slob, humor, society  I know it’s a different purple.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked best!

Dear Dolly

I nominated Dolly to my  Quote Challenge.

slob, humor, challenge



She then wrote this.

“I’ve been challenged! I’ve been nominated by a Purple Person for the ubiquitous three-quote challenge. I am unable to resist any challenge, so yes, Beautiful People, I’ll take it on. The gauntlet was thrown in my direction by a funky and unpredictable Melinda of  You will enjoy stopping by her blog; she is wacky and sincere, and she is a fighter – I admire that!”


Here is the gauntlet I threw down.



In return for her taking up the gauntlet, here is her Dear Dolly letter.

Dear Dolly,

I love you too!!       Funky is fun!      And unpredictable is unapologetically original!!         Wacky is wonderful!          Sincere is sensational!!            Fighting is fabulous!!

Having a friend like you is priceless!

Love, PurpleSlob

 AKA  Melinda the Purple Person



Florida Funnies

First there was Florida Flippancies.      Then, there was Flipped over Flippancies.        Now, I bring you “Florida Funnies!”

slob, humor, miracle

slob, humor, pain like no other

Not even joking!!      These things hurt like no other!!      Be so glad if you never experienced it yourself!!        The pain is like legos on steriods!!

slob, humor, which is which

I can’t tell!!       Where’s the answer key????

slob, humor, ubiquitous vases

They were everwhere in my youth!!!

slob, humor, humidity

It doesn’t say FL, but it doesn’t have to!! WE know it is!

slob,humor, gator

slob, humor, officially too hot

Once again, doesn’t specify FL, but we who live here KNOW!!

slob, humor, true!

Swim, bike, RUN, Forrest, RUN!!


slob, humor, state bird


slob, humor, too close

slob, humor, lol










slob, humor, whitey!

Your skin color when you’re not used to the beach!!

Hope you laughed your head off!    (Not literally, course!)

slob, humor, grandmother linky

I’m trying to figure out how to make it a real button!! Have patience, please!!

Sneaky Snake

There I was, just sorting my mail, like any ordinary day.       I raised up the garbage can lid, to throw away the junk, and lo and behold- Snake!!       It hit the ground, to my horror, and dismay!      I immediately called XH in a panic, yelling “SNAKE< GET HERE NOW!!”           Thank God he was home, and raced over (those 2 blocks took him forever!- well, it felt that way.)      

He said, “Oh, it’s dead.”       My response was “Well, it hasn’t moved yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead!!      STOMP it!”

When he got close, the faker started striking at his boot.       Prompting another round of hysterical crying and babbling from me.       

KILL it!!   KILL it!!      STOMP it DEAD!!”

He kept trying to calm me down.     (XH, not the evil serpent!)

Once he stomped the life outta it, he swept it up with a small broom, into the dustpan, and interred it in the green tomb.      (I tried to stop him from getting so close, because I was sure it was only faking its own death.     Most likely for the insurance money.     He needed to take care of his family ya know.    And the lizard market had turned belly up.)

slob, humor, dead snake

                                                             The only good kind of snake!!

As XH led me into the house, still sobbing, (me, not the house) he tried to calm me down by saying ” It’s okay, they don’t run in pairs.”       How does he know???       What if that was a mommy, and the baby would be out for revenge?????       Or worse, vice versa???        Great, now I have to move again!

XH said not to worry about it, that is was only a rat snake.    I didn’t care!      I wanted it annihilated!       When I texted pic to SIL, he confirmed rat snake ID.      So, okay, maybe it wasn’t gonna kill me!    Whew!       But better safe than sorry, in my book!


RIP you evil thing.        No, actually, I don’t want you to rest in peace, I really want you to rest in PIECES!!          (Do ya think XH will dig it back up outta the garbage can, so I can chop it up???)