Bubba’s Birthday

I can’t believe my little brother is turning 53 today!!       Has it really been 3 years already since we threw him that big funeral party for his 50th??    (Notice he is a tiny bit shorter than me, so he truly is my little brother!)

brother's 50th birthday bash

We’re in black to mourn the passing of his youth.      We made so much fun of him, all night for being old!        Good times.

(It’s incredible how much has changed in 3 short years.    Michelle lost Jeffery, and became a widow.      Curtis found Shirley, and became a happily married man.  

slob, humor, Bubba and Shirley

Wedding Day bliss!

 And I went from married to divorced.       And we’ve all moved.     Some of us, more than once.    [ me.]  Makes me wonder, what will happen in the next 3 years?       We never know.)

 Time flies so fast, I’ll be 55 before I know it!       Ahem, Melinda, you’ll be 56 in February.      What????      Wow!       That illustrated my point!

(I know you’re thinking, is Melinda sick??  What’s up with the red, and blue??     They’re Curtis’ fave colors, and since this is his birthday post, I thought I’d be generous, and make it all about him.      I’m such a good sister!)

As a blast from the past. I’m gonna showcase some of his finest (or not) hours, in pictorial form.        Get ready- here we go!!

First stop in our time machine trip,  circa 1964, 65?

slob, humor, me and bubba   This one is April 1970.slob, humor, me and bubba                Yes, of course I have to be in the pix too!!

slob, humor, Mr America   Yes, he knows he’s all that and a bag of chips!

slob, humor, flying Bubba     Flying thru the air with the greatest of ease!

slob, humor, jumping jack Bubba


Able to leap tall buildings (or 6 ft hi fences) in a single bound!







slob, humor, grad!   Proud Bartow Yella Jacket!!    I always wondered why their color was blue????

slob, humor, fighting men

Boys with their toys!!    Christmas Day, 1993, I think.     (Do you recognize his fellow warrior??)     Not sure what the hat is about.  After I gave them the water guns, I stayed inside!!

slob, humor, silly uncle  Thanks to the time stamp, I can definitely say this is 2007, May 7.      Never too old to play pretend with a niece!

He’s a good daddy.

slob, humor, bubba's kids   And now, Poppy!  slob, humor, bubba's grandbaby

Happy 53rd Birthday, Curtis.    I love you!!


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