Katie’s Kudos

Katie from Hungry Beastling wrote this in my email.
I love her!!     Such a lovely lady, with a killer smile!
Hi Melinda! Below you’ll find my lazy comment that didn’t feel like posting in full!!!

I hope your week has been an awesome one!

Hi there, lovely Melinda!!! First off, I’ve been away from my blog for the last couple weeks and came back to see 3 WONDERFUL comments from you, lovely lady!!! You always make me feel so special. 

Prime example…Nominating me for a quote challenge!!! I seriously got teary eyed–I know, that’s probably pathetic, but oh well! This is my first nomination for anything blog-related. 

(Here: https://purpleslobinrecovery.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/quipped-quote/)

And I don’t even care if the nomination was something associated with poop (since I tend to work poo into quite a few of my posts), the fact you thought of ME puts me in such a good mood. I can’t wait to get started on my challenge!!! Thank you VERY much. 
Now secondly, this post gave me some mega goose bumps. You have managed to cram a lot of life into these last two years of living!!! I am so IMPRESSED with 500 posts in a little over 2 years! 
Equally as impressive, but not surprising in the least, is the fact that you were named 2016’s Funniest Blogger!!! What an honor! You totally deserve it. You are one flipping hilarious chica!  (Admin note: I was Nominated  in that category, but didn’t win.)
Also, your kwilt… I. Love. It. It’s truly a work of art. That thing is gorgeous! And if THAT was folded in half, no wonder it took 9 years to make! Man oh man, what talent you have!!! 
slob, humor, quilt finished!

It was already folded in half, cuz I wanted ya to see my face!

I will mention, however, my mom might be trying to surpass your 9 years with her much less difficult project consisting of a crochet throw. She’s been in the process of making one for my husband and me ever since we got engaged…5 1/2 years ago. Baaah! She’s gettin’ there, slowly but surely!   
All your accomplishments are REALLY, really very inspiring. Thank you for motivating me to get up and take bigger bites out of life!!! Or, as my niece and nephew say, “Aunt Katie-sized bites” out of life!
Here’s to your next 500 posts, Ms. Melinda!!! Congratulations, you perfect pretty princess, you! Xoxo

16 thoughts on “Katie’s Kudos

  1. What a lovely comment from a lovely blogger and truly well deserved too, Melinda. You are the funniest blogger ever. You write marvelously but self depreciatingly( which is sometimes not needed)- you need to give praise where praise is deserved, especially to yourself.
    And you are a very good friend.

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  2. Hi BB FF M,
    You have been named 2016’s funniest blogger?! The BBF Fis always the last to know! congratulations times 1 million. I am so very proud of you. Who gets that? You should be proud of yourself. What a holiday gift for sure.
    PS I love Katie❤️ too. I agree about her killer smile. She is also extremely nice and supportive.
    PSS congratulations on 500 posts. Quite a milestone. Are you throwing a party like we did when I hit 400?

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  4. Ho. Lee. CANNOLI!!!!!! First of all, I am having a hard time finding the words to describe just how special you made me feel!!! Gaaaah! Featuring me in your post easily made my month and was one of the best presents I received for Christmas. Thank you so, SO very much for this post.

    Secondly, being the big baby that I am, I cried. I’ve been struggling with living up to my expectations lately, and feeling like I’m not trying nearly hard enough. But your post allowed me a few minutes to ease up on myself a bit…if that makes ANY sense whatsoevs!

    BTW, I don’t know who the winner was, but you totally SHOULD’VE won 2016’s Funniest Blogger. 🙂

    Melinda, thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me and your super kind words.

    And thank you for being such a generous, loving, terrific, marvelous, BEAUTIFUL soul. You are absolutely spectacular! Love YOU, lovely lady!

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    • Wow! Thanks for all the compliments, Katie! That’s so sweet that you cried. You are a beautiful soul! You better start being nicer to my friend-you!
      You are doing well, and so please cut yourself some slack!!
      You are so welcome! I’m glad I made your Christmas. That makes me feel terrific!
      ❤ Melinda


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