Good Giggles

Are you experiencing an after Christmas slump?       I hope not.

Not me!    My extended family had to postpone our traditional Christmas Eve celebration, due to so much sickness.    So, for New Year’s Eve, we will be celebrating Christ’s birth all over again!     We might find out we like that even better!     (And if we decide to do it next year- Bonus!     We could get all our gifts at the after Christmas clearance sales!!        That would be a score!)

Anyway, here’s your Monday memes (which did indeed turn out to become a long running series anyway- due to its popularity!) to get your laughter button turned on.     Or as Granny, and Grandma used to say, “Somebody turned your giggle box over”!!     I think I need to revive that phrase!

It’s a mixed bag today.      No theme, I’m still too busy wrapping presents!

slob, humor, Noah meme

slob, humor, Christmas meme












slob, humor, dog meme

slob, humor, pigs meme

slob, humor, children meme

slob, humor, Noah meme

                                                                    Poor Guy!

slob, humor, Black Friday meme

                                                                 Just sayin!!

slob, humor, Black Friday meme

                                         So glad I don’t go out into those war zones!!

slob, humor, Far Side meme

                                The Far Side’s humor never gets old!!

slob, humor, Bach meme

And for the classical music aficionados among us…

Did your giggle box get turned over??      I hope so!!


16 thoughts on “Good Giggles

  1. Hi Melinda, just sticking my head in the door to say hello in the midst of my new bonkers life between two homes. My favourite meme is the men starting shopping one. That’s hilarious! Sorry to hear about the family sickness but pleased you have Christmas celebrations still to come. Have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all. Be back as soon as I have a moment. x

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