Angel Angle

We had an ornament exchange at our Women’s Christmas Extravaganza, at Harvest Church, Tuesday, Dec. 13th.   

slob, humor, family    Mama was my guest, Jaime was her guest!      Kristen missed the photo op.

Mama went up to get mine, and of course, I reminded her to get a purple one!      AS if you had to, she is your mother, Melinda!      True!   What was I thinking??

slob, humor, ornament exchange

   Purple Enough, I guess…

I peeked at mine, then re-wrapped it for PP to “open”.    (Thankfully it was in a gift bag!) She was sooo excited to finally get to open a present!     She has been hopefully asking every day, “My pwesent??”     So far, the answer had been “No” every time.       YAY for being able to make her day!!

slob, humor, angel ornament       She was thrilled to see this gorgeous angel!!       We had hangers out, and ready.      Carefully she hung it on the tree.      

slob, humor, angel on tree


Speaking of tree, she decorated it all by herself!!        Quite an eye for symmetry she has!!

slob, humor, PP decorated tree

And speaking of angels, this is our “angel” tree topper.

slob, humor, tree topper



PP picked it out herself (what? you thought I did it??).  Pop gently lifted her up, and she placed it oh so carefully.


Isn’t she a pretty, pretty princess??            LOL

PP thinks so, and that’s all that matters!


But what are we gonna do next year, when PPJr wants to “help”??        I guess buy double the number of cheap plastic ornaments!!       My glass ones are gonna have to wait several more years, before THEY reappear!

14 thoughts on “Angel Angle

  1. Wise decision on the glass ornaments! I’m 67 and still dropping them. And then there’s Roxie’s tail!
    I do feel PP is quite imaginative and that truly is a marvelous tree topper, if I do say so myself. You could use more paper cups and plates around the house, but we’ve had this discussion and since it’s the Christmas season, I’ll give the gift of “not nagging”.
    I love the ornament swap idea because baking 5 dozen cookies is a bit of overload for me. I was surprised at the red and green wrapping paper, though, and think you need to stock up on purple paper when Easter rolls around. Hmmmm “Easter rolls”, now I’m thinking about cinnamon buns. Off to the kitchen!


  2. What is the Christmas ornament exchange ? Why did Mama go up to get your decoration – why didn’t you go up. Lucy- all questions that haunt my mind as I read this but if you don’t want to answer its ok.
    I love your Christmas tree- plastic ornaments or not.
    So many gifts- you must be rich.
    When do you open them ?

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    • Hi Susie! Of course I don’t mind answering your questions!
      Our Ladies Group at church has a “Christmas Extravaganza” each year. Basically it’s a huge Christmas party. We have a wonderful dinner, live music, and a speaker. WE each bring a wrapped ornament, and leave at the front. At the end, we go select one to take home. Therefore the “exchange”.
      Mama went up for me since I have such a hard time walking.
      Thank you! I love my tree too, since she decorated it with love! Not working lights and all!
      Well, I’ve heard that I’m rich, compared to the whole world, because I have a home, food to eat, and enough money for my bills. So, yes, I am rich!! I am rich in love, and blessings!!
      On Christmas Day, I opened gifts with DD1, PP, PPJr, and Sweet Friend (the girls’ PopPop). The next day, XH, and Rose brought over their gifts.
      Our extended family still hasn’t our Christmas yet, because some are still so sick.
      You can always ask me anything!

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