Good gifts

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                       This graphic belongs to the Money Saving Sisters.

Love this idea!!        But I had already purchased, and had wrapped almost all my gifts, by the time I read it.      There’s always next year!

I did kinda combine #2, & #3, without even knowing about this, tho!       I bought several sets of clothes for the girls, including their Christmas dresses.      Well, in PPJr’s case, a “dress” is not exactly accurate.     It’s a top, and leggings.      Perhaps, I should say “outfits” instead.      And of course, forgot to take pix!       Maybe I can sneak one, without showing their faces???        We’ll see!

And some Pj’s too.      I love to see littles in cute pj’s!!       I just wish I had found some matching ones!!     

I did find matching shirts, but forgot to take pix.      Maybe I can grab one of those too tomorrow.      (I’m writing this late Christmas Eve.)

#1, the toys I bought- I’m sure they’ll want them when they see them!!     They’re too little to turn loose with a catalog!       Well, I’m sure PP would have had a fine time marking one up!      But Mommy, and I both are trying to teach her not to be materialistic, so that would kinda defeat that goal.

#4- Wow! I can NOT believe I didn’t buy them any books!     (Probably because Beall’s doesn’t carry them!     It’s Florida’s store, but apparently we don’t need to read.)     Next year fer SURE!      Wonder if PP would notice if I just wrapped a few that she hasn’t read in a while????

I need to get some sleep, so I’ll be bright eyed, and bushy tailed for church tomorrow!!

Then “PWESENTS!!!   YAY!!

18 thoughts on “Good gifts

  1. Melinda/Lucy,
    I just found out you are also called Lucy and that seems a sort of cosier name to call you by, if you don’t mind.
    I like the idea of teaching children not to be materialistic and also giving them books to read. I love to read of all you do for the little PPs. Grandparents need to be in the lives of grandchildren. I am not at all for nuclear families and wish we were all back in the times of joint families. The familial bonds would be so much closer.

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  3. My sister talked me into getting matching PJs for the entire family this year. She had picked out a particular brand from a specific company. Fine, I ordered the pajamas for our entire family. I waited and I waited. And finally got an email to expect them…January 6th! And then the scam of a company claimed it was too late to cancel the order. My sister told me the same thing happened to her. I’ll never do that again!

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