Paper Purgathon Paused

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You’ve probably been wondering when I’d get back to the Paper Purgathon.        I just know it’s been bothering you, that I would just leave it hanging like I did.

Well, personally I had to pause it, to concentrate on Christmas prep.


And poor Queen Anne was felled by that massive migraine, that turned into a month long ordeal.    As I mentioned in Paper Purgathon Perch.       (We were both praying she’d survive.     It was catastrophic.)     So she was in pause mode as well.    All in all, we agreed all around to discontinue until 2017.

Now you know the rest of the story.

18 thoughts on “Paper Purgathon Paused

  1. Lucy
    I visited Queen Anne’s blog and she seems such a great person. I am really sorry about her migraine and her suffering.Usually for me a migraine is triggered off by something I have eaten or not eaten- so a quick lie-in with a couple of paracetamols do the trick. There are times when I need to go off the computer and all stresses but the Lord Jesus is giving me cure from my frequent headaches by helping me regulate my diet and also my habits. Giving thanks is one of them. It really works, Lucy.
    I will need to do a crochet purgation too. Soon. I have too many unfinished projects.

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    • I’m glad you visited her! Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear you have migraines too. They are not fun. Thankfully, the last one I had was 8 years ago, when I was teaching.
      Thank You, Jesus! He is Jehovah Rapha, our Healer!
      That’s funny about a crochet purgathon!

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      • Yes, I was a teacher. I taught for a total of 9 years, in different grades. Straight out of college, I was a 4 yr old preschool teacher. Which nobody counts, except me.
        I had 3 nervous breakdowns. After the 3rd, I fought for and won disability.

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      • As you probably know, I have bi-polar. So, when I am depressed, I get majorly, can not function depressed. I could not deal with the stresses of teaching. The inability to discipline the students, the constant testing, the conflicting expectations, and the unsupportive administration.
        I’m sos orry to hear about your husband. How is he now?

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      • Lucy, I suffered and he suffered a lot in 2009 to 2010- in early 2010, we decided together to hand over everything to God and to see what would happen- we even made a deadline for it- January 31,2010. Believe it, he was cured and has never gone back again. He is confident, cheerful and quite upbeat now. He didn’t take medications though. For us prayer did it. We prayed constantly, together.

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  3. Didn’t know you were a teacher but I do know you’d make a terrific comedienne, you always make me laugh and I love laughter – it is the best medicine, you know? Thank you for partying with us at Blogging Grandmothers Link Party. I shared your post on my social media sites.

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  4. Of course you were a teacher you have a great way of making me laugh. Have. To be able to laugh if your a teacher. Thanks for linking up with blogging grandmothers

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