Mommy Muwahahahas

slob, humor, cookie!

Right??      Mamas, and kids!!  can hear a candy wrapper crinkle from across the house, behind a locked door, with the phone ringing!!  LOL

slob, humor, tired mommy

Alternatively titled “Tired Mommy after 16 hours of Kids.”

slob, humor, cook

Welcome to Parent Life!!

slob, humor , mom meme slob, humor, mom meme

slob, humor, mom meme slob, humor, mom meme slob, humor, mom meme

                      This was me in my college days! lol

slob, humor, mom meme        Truth!

slob, humor, mom meme

And we all lived to tell about it!

Those of us who were still coherent enough!   

I hope you laughed as hard as I did!  I made sure not to drink anything, so I wouldn’t choke!

Merry Monday, Mommy!!




32 thoughts on “Mommy Muwahahahas

  1. Thank goodness those crazy mommy days are behind me! I felt like many of those gifs looked! I was a single, working mom (with no $$ help) of 2 girls for years. I bet I could make a meme out of some frazzled pic of me, LOL! BTW, Happy New Year, Melinda!

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