Quazy Quilt Queue

Here it is the end of July, and still haven’t finished Kim’s Kwilt.   (When I first started this post.)            And the final deadline was May 20!        Majorly disappointed with myself.      But, I’ve been so busy with the girls, nannying, and full time taxi-ing for DD1, that I have felt like a chicken with its head cut off. Sorry Carmen!

Now she has a car again, {DD1, not Carmen!} and steady day care, so maybe I can git ‘er done before Winter!

Update:   I finished the infamous kwilt, on Saturday, Oct 22, 2016!!

slob, humor, back of quilt

I’m almost having a headache from that lattice pattern spinning!

The back, above.                                                                                     The front, below.

slob, humor, quilt finished!

It was already folded in half, cuz I wanted ya to see my face!

And all the angels sang: “Hallelujah!!”

And all the readers screamed “YES!  Finally we can quit hearing her whine about that pesky kwilt!!”

And SF mailed it that next Monday.

And she (DD2) liked it!  She really liked it!     She said, and I quote,      “Thanks, it’s awesome.”

Okay, now that is off my mind!!      I can go on to the rest of my quazy quilt queue.      And it’s a long one!!

  • Shirley’s.    My brother commissioned this one when they were dating.     Their first anniversary was back in August.     This is my progress so far.  

slob, humor, Shirley's quilt

  Getting there!!     So close!!


  • PP’s Panda quilt.     DD1 commissioned this one in 2014.      Ahem   (Can’t find the pieces.     EEK!!)
  • The Campbell twins.      They’re only 5 months old, and I have all the squares cut out already, so hey, doing really well on this one!  

slob, humor, quilt squares

Oops!  No I don’t have all the squares cut out.  I have 3/4ths of the squares cut out!  

slob, humor, quilt fabric

This fabric has me flummoxed!!      I want each square to be 1 flower, (or “buttehfy”, as PP called them), but how do I do that without the squares going wonky??      I surely AM NOT gonna cut each one individually by hand!

So, I’ll just be as careful as I can…….

  • A bigger quilt for PPJr.      Her wonky quilt is WAY too little for her already, and she’s only 8 1/2 months old!!     (Haven’t even decided on the fabrics yet.    Yeah.)
  • Aulani’s.       She was born about 12 weeks ago, and I’ve already done this much.    

slob, humor, baby quilt

  Woo hoo!        On a roll here!           


Then, I wanna do one for ..      STOP!!          What?   Why??         Until you get all those done, I’m officially declaring a moratorium on saying you’ll make more!            You can’t do that!        I think I can, cuz I just did!


Well then, yes ma’am!        I’ll get back with ya on my next recipients, soon as I’m done with these.         So, mid 2027, would you say??          That’s kinda mean.         Is it mean if it’s true??      Well, it has been true so far…..


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21 thoughts on “Quazy Quilt Queue

  1. Lucy,
    I love that you use your hands so well and create such beautiful pieces- maybe you can create a business with them.
    BTW, where do you buy your fabric from ? I have never seen a textile shop in the US- hence my question.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had this idea to make a crazy quilt, and it was going to be awesome. The problem? I’ve never made a quilt in my entire life. Like, ever. But I’ve always want to make one. I bought all kinds of fabric pieces (samples and stuff)… all kinds. I had a whole bin of it. It was great — in my head. I bought books to tell me how and everything.

    That was four years ago. I just gave away the fabric yesterday. Ha! I don’t have the patience to learn how to do those little squares and make them lie flat. My hat’s off to you and everyone else who quilts and can to it. It’s beyond my sewing skills. I’ll stick to shirts and skirts. ^_^

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  3. Hello! Lovely qwiltz! Really beautiful. How many posts have I missed? Loads – I dare not look! 🙂
    Happy New Year – hope it’s brimming with good things. Maybe you will get a quilt commission from a mega rich person and become a designer of quilts for the rich and famous.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I haven’t done any quilting since I did a full size one out of my son’s baby clothes several years ago. In case you don’t know quilting with stretch knit is a pain in the anatomy. I am going to stick to baby quilts from now on, or better yet no quilting. 🙂

    Thanks for partying with us on #FridayFrivolity.

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  5. They are all so pretty? Do you do them by hand or on machine? I cut out pieces from old jeans and to make a denim quilt but have never gotten around to it. Thank you for partying with us at Blogging Grandmothers Link Party. I shared your post on my social media sites.

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  6. Melinda, I can’t get over how talented you are. I have no idea how to even begin making a quilt, er, I mean, kwilt ;-), but I do know kwilts are not easy in the slightest. Your work is beautiful.

    Talk about one amazing gift to receive! And such a generous gift to give. You rock the HOUSE, Melinda!


    Liked by 1 person

  7. Your quilts are beautiful. I enjoy quilting but don’t get as much done as I use too. Finally managed to make a denim quilt out of some of my boys old jeans. I did some for money for awhile but now it is all a labor of love.

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