Seven Seconds

From my BBFFJs linky party:  Inspire Me Monday. on Jan.2.

I saw this pic, from Ashley Phipps,

and it intrigued me.      After I read it, I commented that I knew for sure it would take me more than 7 hours, because I’ve already spent 2 1/2 years de-cluttering, and now I have a house, screened porch, shed and workshop full STILL!!

But, I’m thinking I will print out her printable, follow it, and keep track of my time.  Then when I finish the 7 hours, let her know how far I got.      I could even make it my own 7 hour de-cluttering challenge!!       Of course, I’d link back to her, since it’s all her idea, and printable!

So, not sure which route I’ll go yet.   But definitely will do at least the 7 hours!!     But I better hurry!        Soon Queen Anne will be back at the Paper Purgathon again!  

slob, humor, challenge

And I better be prepared to dive in with her!!       I promised!

So, the “seven” in the title is for 7 hours/7 days.   The “seconds”  is for the more than once, that I’ve de-cluttered!

36 thoughts on “Seven Seconds

  1. Hi beautiful Melinda! Let me tell you, you are not alone. Oy vey. You know how everyone has one catch all drawer, or as my family calls it, the junk drawer? Well, my husband has deemed most of the drawers in our house as catch all drawers.

    Surprisingly, it only drives me nuts when I’m decluttering. I can’t find a place to put the current clutter. And I have lived in San Diego for 3 1/2 years and I still have full moving boxes that I’ve never unpacked.

    Not just the boxes in storage either, but boxes I see almost daily. For instance, the box marked “toiletries” that’s been chilling underneath my bathroom sink since the day I moved in. Clearly, I don’t need anything in that box, but………..wait, I have no but (actually, I have plenty of butt!). Who knows the reason why it’s still there. *eye roll*

    Oh and in regards to the magic number of the day, the number 7, as of this moment, you have 700 followers right on the button!!! Amazing! Outstanding! Fantastic! Whoohooo, Melinda! You’re unstoppable, lady!


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  2. Good luck with your de-cluttering project! I keep trying to de-clutter in fits and spurts. But, I never seem to really make a big dent in the problem. Let us know how it goes after you follow the 7-hour plan.

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