Baby Bwahahahas

Can you guess the meme theme today??

slob, humor, baby                                      slob, humor, baby meme slob, humor, toddler meme  slob, humor, baby meme

slob, humor, baby memeslob, humor, baby meme  slob, humor, baby meme  Right????

slob, humor, baby meme


slob, humor, baby memes

                                                                   Yeah!  Like me!!

slob, humor, baby memes

                                                                 Uh oh!!!!!

Ba-by, those were funny!

21 thoughts on “Baby Bwahahahas

  1. These memes are hysterical! Thank you so much for making my rainy Monday out here in dreary San Diego. I hope you had a spectacular weekend. I spent mine in the wonderful land of…wait for it…Yuma. Yuma, AZ.

    My husband and I searched for the nice area of town, but came up dry. Dry like the desert of…Yuma.

    Yuma, AZ.


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