Play-Doh Plague

Well, the worst has officially happened.      The Play-Doh plague has invaded my house.  

slob, humor, plague          And I know who the carrier was!!     “Gwandma Wose”!      How could you betray me so badly, my own (ex)stepmother???    

I thought you loved me!      Apparently you love PP more.

I had no idea PP and you were plotting behind my back.      Watching all those commercials, making notes of which things she liked best.

slob, humor, plague Drat you, Nick Jr!!!

Most of you won’t remember the “Green Goo, because it was 2 1/2 years ago.     (Except Stella, who commented on it a year later, Queen Anne, and Susie, who both liked it.   Thanks ladies!!)       I had a terrifying preview of what a plague Play-doh would truly be.

And it’s every bit as bad as I imagined it’d be.


Clumps of sticky Play-Doh on the floor.     Lumps of it stuck to the backside of PP’s pants.

(No visual there, I was too busy trying to get if off before she ground it in, and it melded with the material.     Too late…..)

Bumps of it all over the table….

slob, humor, Play-Doh plague

And exactly who’s gonna clean it all up??????

I’m not bending over this time!!    


PP did pick up the clumps off the floor.    Thank you Precious!

And I scraped as much of the lumps off her pants, as humanly possible.      But those pants will never be the same.    Good thing they were her designated play pants already!

The bumps on the table???      As you may have already guessed, they’re still there…..

19 thoughts on “Play-Doh Plague

  1. I read Green Goo before and liked it because I thought you can make a post out of everything, Lucy.
    But now this is serious- Play-Doh attack.
    And Grandma Rose – conspiring behind your back. Seriously !
    Seriously, try coconut oil or any other oil to remove it from the table. Coconut oil, I find works for most ills and illnesses.
    Give PP a hug from me- BTW- was it Senior or Junior this time ?

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  2. Hi BBFFM,
    I’m sorry you had a playdough plague. I found your alliteration impressive, though.
    Question for you: Do you remember last year we got something from WordPress saying who was our topic commenters for 2015? I didn’t get anything for 2016. Did you? Looking at my phone app for WordPress, I can tell you were one of my top commenters– a true BBFF indeed. Thank you!

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    • Hi BBFFJ, thanks! I need all the sympathy I can get!
      Thanks! You know I always thinnk of you, whenever I’m trying to come up with titles!
      Yes, I do remember that! You and I were in the top of each other’s lists!
      No, I don’t remember seeing that this year. How strange!
      Awww, thanks!!
      You’re so welcome!
      Your BBFFM

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  4. I do love Playdoh, especially the smell of it and I have been known to lift the lid and just smell
    You need to rub the sticky bits with an ice cube. It freezes them and then they just pick off

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