Cookie Chaos Calmed

The cookie chaos lasted WAY too long!!         WE (and by we I mean they!) made the cookies on Sat. Dec. 13th.

And the table was still a mess on Dec. 22,


but I was supposed to have it cleaned up by Christmas, so I could have people over.    Sadly, I found out on Christmas Eve, that only DD2, the girls, and Pop Pop were coming, so I knew I had more time to get it clean!    (NO ONE should ever tell me that people are NOT coming!! It just leads to no good!!)

Wanna know when I FINALLY got it all cleaned up?      Fri. Jan. 6!     And then ONLY because we were FINALLY having our family Christmas at Mama’s!       (hangs head in shame)      I knew if I didn’t get Mama’s rolling pins, cookie sheets and cutters back to her, her head was probably gonna explode!

So, I washed all the cookie cutters.

And the rolling pins.    And the cookies sheets, and cooling racks.

slob, humor, clean cookie sheets

And the table.    

Ok, Pop Pop washed the table for me.    ANYWAYS, the table was washed.     Does it really MATTER who did it????

Yeah for a finally clean, and clear table!!slob, humor, cleared table







Yes, I know the hearts, but they are glued on there, and I for one don’t have want to spend the time scraping them up!!

24 thoughts on “Cookie Chaos Calmed

  1. I am SO glad I am not the only one with long-term arty crafty table clutter! It does my heart good to see that I am not alone 🙂 It’s healthy to have little shiny hearts stuck to the table because it reminds the world that we are special. We are not uptight tidy freaks with no soul. Being tidy now and then is ok but let that creativity flow. I am not content unless I have every available surface covered with glitter, glue, sharpie pens and acrylic paint (and that includes my face). And yes, sometimes we do have to tidy up so we can get Christmas out of the way and START ALL OVER AGAIN! Well done, you got there in the end 🙂


  2. Mr. Comfortable took the Christmas wreath off the front door a few weeks ago. I thought he was being really good until I saw it lying next to the porch instead of having been put in the trash. Being a man, he had an instant excuse; he put it there, under our son’s old bedroom window because that’s where our son’s dog is buried and it was like a doggie grave blanket. Uh huh.

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