DD1’s Deals

DD1:  Hey Mama,       slob, humor, DD1

Me:    Hey, baby.

DD1:  I need to ask ya a favor.

Me: Ok, baby, anything.   Thinks should qualify that before she asks to co-sign a mortgage or something…

DD1: I need you to start saving tp rolls for me.

Me: Imagines all sorts of cute crafts she and PP will make….


Me:  Comes back to earth from the craft daydream.    Oh?   Whatcha making?

DD!: Nothin

Me: Huh??    What would you need with tp rolls, if ya ain’t gonna make crafts??

DD1: I’m gonna sell them on e-bay.

Me: Stunned, unbelieving silence

    People sell their trash on e-bay??   Voice rising

DD1:  Yup!    A 40 pc lot of tp rolls sells for about $10.

slob, humor  40 Toilet Paper rolls/ Cardboard tubes Empty Cylinder Craft Project Supplies

  • $10.65
  • Buy It Now
  • Free shipping                  (It IS true!!)


Me: WHAT?????        Runs thru the house, pulling all the tubes outta all the tp rolls.            Yeehaw!!     We’re gonna be rich!!

slob, humor, saved tp rolls to sell on ebay

I’m already 2/5ths of the way to being a ten dollar-aire!

16 thoughts on “DD1’s Deals

  1. I thought you were kidding – looked it up – yep, they sell it. Crazy!!

    Wouldn’t keeping these until you have enough add to the clutter?? Our house only uses at most one roll a week. I would need to save them for the rest of the year, move the box from room to room to make $10.

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