Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

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Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Where we are now: Day 2 of the Kitchen:  Seven Seconds Scullery Spices


(Are ya tired of “S” words??        Don’t get that way yet!!        We still have seventy sillion scripts to slog thru!        More or less.)

We already have 2 hours on the scullery clock.      (That’s my decision, and I’m sticking to it.)

Today we are doing the scary spice cabinet.      I’m thinking something has gotta be rotten in there!!       Because I haven’t de-cluttered that in a year, nor the 6 months before that, in the other trailer.     Yeah, so, about that…..

Donning our Haz-mat suit, are we??         I’m thinkin’ that might be best, yes.

Timer set.      Haz-mat suit donned.    Trash can at the ready.     GO!



slob, humor, cleaning shelf

I know this is also the step where ya’re supposed to lay down new shelf liner.     Why bother?      This paper has worked perfectly well for 50 years!        Why change now?     (Well, except for the pieces that got stuck to the bottom of things, and tore off.        But, why quibble?       Besides, I still haven’t found any purple, and I’m holding out hope.) 

Update:   Elizabeth, from The Comfortable Coop, sent me these links from Amazon!  

(Gorgeous!!    But, I’m gonna have to skip the middle one, I feel a seizure coming on, already…)        And 1 is on its way to me now!!    I’ll post later to show ya which one!!     Thanks a million, Elizabeth!!

slob, humor    These got thrown back up onto the top shelf, to be dealt with another day.        I was too tired to think of the best place to put them.

Does oil expire??                Never used these- donate.                 Cleaned this.     YAY!!

And ALL the expired stuff:

I bought the black coloring for Bubba’s 50th.     3 years ago.              You can tell how much I don’t cook, by how little the spices were used!!    I couldn’t even begin to read the red print on the bottom of the oregano bottle, so I just guessed that it probably was past date.       Probably a good guess!          I thought it was funny that one of the spices said “May contain wheat, eggs, milk, soy.”          Since when???      

slob, humor, meds outta place  No wonder it’s hard to find the girls’ meds!!        But, alas, it was expired too.      So, I just put the syringe where it belongs. 

slob, humor, meds

1 more syringe in our arsenal









These canning jar lids- PURPLE!!- should probably be in the back closet, WITH the PURPLE jars!        And so they are, now.

slob, humor, not mine!     Took these 2 things to Mama’s with me.      Yay for returning stuff to it’s home!



There!       Doesn’t that look so much better!

And look!    There’s mug hooks!       I could have kept those 2 I donated the other day!      Oh well, somehow I think I’ll make it okay without them.         Just a hunch.

And that only took    _25_ minutes!            I’m so proud of me!         If you can’t get a hold of me later, I’ll be standing in the kitchen, just staring into the open cabinets, admiring the open clean spaces!!


Scullery Time so far: 2 hours, 25 minutes.


46 thoughts on “Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

  1. When I reorganized my spice cupboard (after having a terminally non-OCD person living here) I couldn’t wait to show everyone. I called Pete and made him come over just to look. It must have inspired him because he went home and reorganized their spice cupboard (although not alphabetically so I’ll have to let myself in one day while they’re working and do it myself). I made Mr. C stand in front of the cupboard and chant compliments about how perfect it was.
    When I started flagging down cars on the road to drag them in Mr. C gave me some kind of special vitamin and, by the time I woke up several days later, I was content to just gaze at the cupboard alone.

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  2. I love organized cupboards. I need to do mine once a month on a rotating basis. Each child helps with a cupboard. Funny how when they clean it they are more likely to UT things away where they belong. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, you really are serious about this de-cluttering. Herbs and spices? I darent even look at the sell-by dates on mine! I use up cumin and turmeric very quickly but all the others sit for months (well ok, YEARS!). Well done – looking good.

    Liked by 1 person

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