Flaunting Florida

Welcome to another edition of Florida flaunting!

First we had Florida Flippancies, then Flipped over Flippancies, and ended up with Florida Funnies.

Since it’s winter here, well up North, down here it’s bi-polar winter.      Cold one day, blistering hot the next!      But hey, better than 6 ft of snow, I’ll say!

Where was I?     Oh yeah, winter.    Since it’s winter, it’s time for some more Florida sunshine!       And by that, I mean smiles, and hopefully lots of laughs!

slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

I love this one!!       Where do I order that first sweater??

slob, humor, FL meme

No lie!!

slob, humor, FL meme

Our poor kids have PTSD from wildlife encounters!

slob, humor, FL meme














Aaaahhhh!      This is the life!

slob, humor, FL meme

All the seasons in 1 week??     Yep!     We like to mix it up down here!

slob, humor, FL meme slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

This one’s not funny, just true!


slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

Layers, people, dress in layers!

slob, humor, FL meme

What?? You can protest winter??? I had no idea!

And to wrap things up:

slob, humor, FL meme

Don’t worry!     They will about 11 am tomorrow!

That’s my Florida folks!!     If ya got it, flaunt it!



15 thoughts on “Flaunting Florida

  1. I’ve been in the land of ice and snow for several days and I don’t think I’ve ever missed the Texas heat as much as I did this past week. I got back and it was hot and humid and I was thinking “now this is the life!”

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  2. I’m from Michigan yet I live in Georgia…I loved this post!! I can see both sides of the story and it’s so comical to me! It’s been so nice (and weird) tho “winter”! 😛

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