Touted Towels

After reading Cami’s sweet post about folding towels, of course my mind goes on a tangent. You already know my mind doesn’t work like anyone else’s!     And I started writing.     

So, to start off my premise, I had to research the “Right” way to fold towels.   And of course, plenty of people are ready to school me!

Better Homes and Gardens:      Who’s got time for all that smoothing mess??  She looked like she was trying to iron it with her hands!!      Does it not absorb water, if there’s a wrinkle anywhere on it??     Besides, since I’m not a hotel, no one’s paying me to fold my towels!      Moving on.

slob, humor, folded towels

Sure it looks pretty, but does anyone even notice??

The River Club:

slob, humor, folding towels

Eeeeekk!!    Now ya gotta measure your shelf, every time ya fold the towels??      Too much Math!!        No thanks!

Then, of course I can’t leave out Marie Kondo, the new guru on all things folded.

My head hurts already.     I’ve seen a video of her folding stuff.     I just say NO.     (Remember when DD1 Kon-Maried my undie drawer??)       

slob, humor, folded underwear

Won’t ever happen again in my lifetime!!       Anyway, back to towels…

My towels just feel lucky to have a safe, dry place to call home!     They’re not at all fussy about precise placement.      They want to just lounge, and stretch out their legs fibers.

slob, humor, unfolded towels

Well, okay, so their fibers are not stretched out exactly, but they’re balled up in their own chosen position!

In fact, if I started folding them precisely, and lining them up, in straight rows, I think they’d call the the Towel Abuse Hotline, and report me!!      They would NOT enjoy such treatment, and would deem it torture!

No call to take a perfectly relaxed towel, and twist it into a pretzel, just for a human’s sense of pride, and pleasure.     Those towels sure like a lot like pretzels to me.      Whatever!    My point is they are relaxed, not regimented within an inch of their lives!       Towels are people too!       They have feelings!

Linen closets are for stuffing storing the towels, not for visual enjoyment!

25 thoughts on “Touted Towels

  1. Ha ha – speaking out against towel abuse! The only time I ever see towels looking so neat I dare not disturb them is on the rare occasions we stay in hotels. I usually put them somewhere safe, still folded up al neat and untouchable, and use the crumpled up happy towel I brought with me. Hotel towels may look all superior and posh but I just think of how many other bodies they have been wrapped around and I see them for the trollops they are! They don’t fool me with all their neat edges! 😀

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  2. Oh my, I didn’t realize there were so many precise ways to drive ourselves crazy over how our towels sit on a shelf! I’m with you, it’s not worth the time and effort when we’re not running a bed and breakfast. And I do not hear your towels complaining one bit! 😉 Love the towel abuse hotline! Thanks for mentioning my blog post.

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  3. Lucy, I was talking to a friend the other day and she does not have many towels to fold. Her dermatologist told her it’s better for your skin to just put on a terry cloth robe after bathing. I like the idea a lot as most of my laundry chores involve towels. Woohoo!

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