Paper Purgathon Presumed


I mean the Paused Paper Purgathon is being resumed, of course.  I just presumed you’d know that!

Now that Christmas, and New Year’s are over, and it’s more than a month later, I thought it might be time to get back to it.

slob, humor, challenge

Now remember, I only promised 15 minutes a day.    So these posts will just be small snippets.      But still long, I imagine.      You do NOT know how to be brief!

Here’s a reminder of our journey so far.

Paper Purgathon

Paper Purgathon- Pact

Paper Purgathon- Palisade

Paper Purgathon- Pal

Paper Purgathon- Pile

Paper Purgathon- Perch

So that’s _ days so far.     Oh dear!      Time out while I count!      slob, humor, counting







slob, humor, I can count to 5!  Whew!     It was only up to 5!  I can handle that!     On 1 hand even!

I know, you counted 6 posts, but the first one doesn’t count, since I only talked about purging, but didn’t actually do any.       Okay, since today is not any actual purging either, just more talk about the same, how many actual work days, of purging do I need??

That would be 21 minus 5, Melinda.      Do ya need any help with that??      You do have to carry the one, ya know.

I can do it!     By myself!         (Oh boy!    Do I hear echos of PP, or what??!!)

And the answer is:  16.       Final answer?        Yup.          Congratulations!!        You answered a first grade math question correctly!

(No photo possible, I can’t use both hands, and both feet, AND take the pix!)

Alrightey then, after today, I need 16 more posts to make it to the end of Queen Anne’s 21 day challenge.       And we’ll see how many months THAT ends up taking!


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