“C” Saw

The “C” word again???      Melinda, I’m so proud of you!      You just might turn into a cook after all!!  Really?     You think so?       At my age?        Yup, I really think you’re on your way!        After all, haven’t you cooked once a week for 4 weeks now?          Yes, I have!        Proof that an old dog CAN learn new tricks!

But, of course, just to be safe, I had to self explanatory

“when can you call yourself a cook?”       (I wouldn’t want to get myself in trouble with the law, or anything!)         

 First result:  when can you call yourself a chef? – Page 2 – ChefTalk.com

http://www.cheftalk.com › … › Professional Food Service › Professional Chefs

Jan 23, 2005 – 30 posts – ‎26 authors

I know many “nonprofessionals” that can cook killer meals. But are … You can technically call yourself a Chef the minute you are the person …


Well, I’m not ABOUT to go so far as to call myself a chef!       Even calling myself a cook still sounds like a stretch to me!      So, on to more results.

Sixth result: (getting hotter!)    

The Difference Between a Cook and a Chef : The Reluctant Gourmet

http://www.reluctantgourmet.com › Education › Culinary Careers


Jun 15, 2011 – Do You Know The Difference Between a Professional Chef and a Cook? To most … A cook, on the other hand, can expect to: Prepare …. I couldn’t agree more, and the CUSTOMER doesn’t care what you call yourself

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At the bottom of the page, as a related search: 

A cook is a person who prepares food for consumption. A cook is sometimes referred to as a chef, although in the professional kitchen, the terms are not interchangeable.
slob, humor, housewife as cook

YAY!!!!        So, I can officially call myself a cook now!!!       I have accomplished that goal!!      All done now, thanks.        I can die in peace.

slob, humor, me cooking!

23 thoughts on ““C” Saw

  1. I am trained and certified as a chef, but prefer to be called a cook! 😉 Specially since I am retired from catering and mostly cook for my husband and the odd dinner guests! But I think if you are the only one cooking, no matter how often, you are the cook! 🙂

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  2. I am allergic to cooking. And house cleaning. And dusting. So sad that I have to fill my time with other things to take my mind off my allergies. That kitchen shot is impressive! Very neat, clean and organised. I would be like that if ONLY I didn’t break out in a rash as soon as I get near a kitchen. ☹️

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    • Aww, poor Gilly!! I understand your suffering! Thank you! It was 3 kitchens ago, and I think I had already packed up to move maybe??? lol
      My Dr. prescribed some topical cream for my cooking allergy rash! It works, as long as I only cook once a week!

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