Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

The series so far.                                             

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Not “escape” – “scape” as in tablescape.     Except this is a mantelscape.      Is there such a word?    Or are you making it up??     Well, there is now!

The mantel is in between the living room, and the dining room/ kitchen.      But I’m including it in the Scullery series, because I love the alliterative ring of Scullery Scape!!       Doesn’t that just roll off your tongue?


15 minutes on the clock:

First I emptied out the bucket.     I truly had NO idea what was in there!

slob, humor, beginnings of bucket treasure  Only the start of all the bucket treasures!

Shell, and stone heart to girls’s room.    Yella wire, (didn’t SF braid it so nice and neat?) went to the cord drawer.     The strawberry earrings to my room.      They now reside in my basket o’ goodies: nail salon, hair salon, pharmacy, and jewelry box.

slob, humor, basket o' plenty

slob, humor, make-up pouch    All new make-up!!     That I never wear!

I decided to only keep the eyeliner.   slob, humor, purple eye liner

Of course it was purple!     Why would you even ask that???       (Now, we’ll see if I can still apply it correctly!!)               The rest was donated to the New Life Center for Family Preservation, that our church sponsors.

Yay!!      An empty bucket!slob, humor, clutter be gone!






All the spare décor, and other holidays, went into the bottom of the china cabinet.

I had forgotten I even had this “stumble” cube.    

slob, humor, quote cube                         slob, humor, "decorated" microwave

Mama gave it to me.       She knows her clumsy daughter so well!!         Here’s hoping       now that the microwave is “decorated”,  it will stay un-cluttered.       We shall see!

3:47 left on the clock!       Wow!   I’m doing great!      I can’t believe it only took me 11 minutes!!    to do all that.       Including taking pix, and putting everything where it belongs!     Craziness!       The pink pen, I gave to Rose, since she’s a breast cancer survivor.

To finish out the whole 15, I decided I needed to coordinate my inside/outside décor, since I’d already flipped the page on my calendar.

(Funny thing, the other day I was with XH, and asked him to stop at the Dollar Tree, so I could get some St. Patrick’s Day wreaths.       He said I didn’t need them.      I was a little miffed.      But later, when I found these in my craft stash:

And I had only paid 50 cents!!!       I was so happy he said NO!!       Thank you XH for saving me some money!!)

Finally the Valentine’s wreath is down, and shamrocks are up!!

slob, humor, St Pat's Day shelf

slob, humor, Joy!slob, humor, Happy St Pat's decor


Now that time’s up, so is my tale.


Scullery time so far:  2 hrs 40 min

Living Room:               2 hrs 11 min                                                                                                                    

Total house so far: =   4 hrs 51 min    (according to Ashley, I’m almost done!)

(Make sure y’all check her math!!)

35 thoughts on “Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

  1. Yeah, Lucy, my smile is still on. I love to read your posts.
    I am glad XH is controlling you- in a good way.
    We spendthrifts need some one to show us the way. My husband is that way too and I do get miffed when he controls me, especially financially but in the end , I find I didn’t need the thing we argued over, at all. God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it ?
    Now the important question, from my nosey heart- are you of Irish origin ?
    Now it seems to me you are fond of green as well as purple?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh good, Susie!! I love it when you smile!! Yeah, I was glad later, that he said no!
      Yes, God does!
      Yeah, somewhat. My Granny was Scotch Irish.
      ON NO!! The green is ONLY for St Pat’s Day! I haven’t ever seen any purple shamrocks! Maybe I need to start my own tradition?? You won’t see green again till the Christmas tree comes back!

      Liked by 1 person

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