Seven Seconds Second Sinking

This is the continuation of yesterday’s SS Sinking.

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel      

Seven Seconds Scullery 

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed

Seven Seconds Shed Seconds

Seven Seconds Sinking

Seven Seconds Second Sinking  – Today’s shipwreck.

I opened the medicine cabinet.        

slob, humor, some bath clutter

Not much clutter.

Not too bad.       The razors are all new, so ok there.     The nails, and clips are for the mirror that’s coming back in.     Shortly, I hope!      I miss my face, as I brush!         This:

slob, humor, trash

Let’s play a round of “Guess how old this is??”

I can’t even remember when I bought it, so better safe than sorry.       File 13.

slob, humor, maybe clutter, maybe not

To which door does this belong???

Maybe this is to the back door??      I think??     Keeping it, cuz I’m not properly dressed to go outside to check it.       And better safe than sorry, in this case too!

slob, humor, useless clutter

By hook or by crook- or both!

When I bought this, (for a penny!!), the idea was for PP to be able to hang up her own towel.       Well, she can’t reach the top of the door, and it didn’t fit on the bottom cabinet door, and as you can see, it’s just been dangling around.         Donate.        Finally!!

Then, I cleaned the rest of the counter,

slob, humor, clean spot!

Remember this filthy spot?? Scroll up! haha  Oops, I mean refer back to yesterday!

AND refilled the soap!      Go me!

Soap dispenser, meet soap.        I’ve been wanting to hook you two up, for a while.

Even scrubbed  wiped out the sink, with only a tiny bit of effort required.      That really brought out the lusciousness of the avocado shine, didn’t it??

slob, humor, clean counter

Whew!! Looking good!!

That feels so good, let’s tackle another spot.      Okay, under here looks like a likely locale.

slob, humor, cluttered spot

The hidey hole.

No, I didn’t say “hiney hole”!!      So, the baby potty seat needs to move on down the road!         But, wait!!       (See what I did there??)         PPJr will be needing that in less than a year!          You’re right!     Ok, we’ll just move it outta sight then, mm kay?

I put it down under, to keep Happy Heater company.     They can have a seat, (aha! I did it again!) chat over cups of ……..   cold water??      Not if HH has anything to do with it!      They can have as hot a cup of water as they want!

Any way…..

slob, humor, bath rugs

Lookit these gorgeous grape rugs!!

They are fabulous!!   The color, the lofty pile, 100% cotton!               Only 1 teensy, tiny tidbit of info, makes them not perfect.       They slip.       They slide.      They slither.               When I last had them on the floor, if I hadn’t still been clutching the wall, I’d have been blogging from a hospital bed!        

So basically, they are useless as rugs.       I even tried them in the bedroom, over the carpet.      No go.      They bunched, they bucked,  they bothered me.         I sad!!       I tried to convince DD1 to let me keep them, and she wasn’t even there!!   {Ah, the delights of camera phones, and texts!}        After much anguish, many tears, and a long drawn out goodbye hug……    I folded them (the least final respect I could give them), and gently placed them in the donate box that had just been standing silently by, observing all the drama, yet not saying a word.       [The same donate box the orange hook had previously dove into.     That was already half full of clothes a friend gave me, that I couldn’t wear cuz they were white.    I can’t wear white.        Why??     Obviously you’ve never seen a slob, with a big bosom eat….]

slob, humor, kid's spade

Hey, there’s her garden spade!

slob, humor, clean cubby

So clean, and un-cluttered!

Then I got motivated to actually clean, the un-cluttered space was so nice and spacious!

slob, humor, dirty floor


So, I swept the floor.   Yes, the whole floor!

IMG_20170422_123543       Oops, this is not a sweeping photo!     But it proves I did have out the broom!!      And the rugs are on their way to the donate box!     They got very tired, and had to rest.      I understand that! 

slob, humor, phone selfie

My phone took this pic, all by itself! How did that happen?? Scary!

slob, humor,

Okay, this is an actual cleaning pic! Finally!

I “mopped” the floor with a rag.     Looks good, even if I do say so myself!!

slob, humor, clean-ish floor

Clean floor! Well, clean-ish! Clean-er at least!

When I came back later, never you mind why, I had to pause a minute to admire!

slob, humor, clean bath!

What a good feeling!!

Way to go, Melinda!!!             Thanks!    I appreciate that!          But..…         Yeah??                   I notice you didn’t do the cabinet.           What cabinet??           The one where you got the wipes???

Oh, yah, uh, that cabinet.         Yes, That cabinet.

Well, I opened it, and was instantly overwhelmed, so I shut it again!        That’s ok!     Nony’s done it!            Of course, she took some deep breaths, and opened it again, didn’t she??           

Later!      Or “yaydeh” as PP would say!!        I simply can’t face it!

Bye!   Gotta go!!      The donations are a’raring to go!!

Previous House Time: 12 hr 43 min.

Today’s Work Time: 15 min. Not counting drive time!

 Total House Time Presently: 12 hr 58 min.

(Still ended up with over 800 words, before adding the series stuff!    Wow!!      Someone needs to give me some “brevity” juice!!       I think I drank “wordy” juice by mistake!)

Seven Seconds Sinking

slob, humor, 7 hours????

Poor Ashley Phipps, doesn’t know me, or my home.       I’m thinking she would run away screaming, if she ever stepped foot in mine!

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel      

Seven Seconds Scullery 

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed

Seven Seconds Shed Seconds

Now we’re here:  The bathroom.

Or, as I’ve called it,  The “Sinking“.

My heart is sinking, just thinking about going in there.      Yes, the new floor is wonderful!  

slob, humor, beautiful new floor!

But that ugly blue shower curtain just grates on my nerves!!    

slob, humor, ugly bath

I really gotta do something about that!       Who has time?   with all this de-cluttering??     

De-cluttering is more important than decorating, right??       Well, it is when you’re in the middle of a series on de-cluttering!

(Update: Yeah!  I finally did something about that blah blue curtain!!    And my shower time is so purplicious now!! )  

slob, humor, new shower curtain

Isn’t she so lovely?


And then there’s this horror:

(No, not the faulty faucet, the other horror.)

slob, humor, hideous avocado color

This picture does not do justice to the glaring hideousness of the (60’s? 70’s?) bright avocado green color.      Shudder!      It makes my hands still feel dirty, even after I wash them!     From the green reflection on my skin!

The Sinking!!

But wait!     We’re not here today to bemoan the hideous state of the bath decor!          We’re here to de-clutter!!

Alright, I’m going in.

First, I looked at the counter.

slob, humor, bath clutter

Not a great pic, but it shows what ya need to see.

These can probably go:

slob, humor, clutter- bath


slob, humor, bath clutter

Yeah, I know there’s still soap in there, but it’s been here since Christmas.

And without any angst, too!!         Yay!

And the pot went back into the tub, where it belongs.    What???    You don’t keep your toy pots in the tub??

slob, humor, bath clutter gone

Clutter be gone! Dirt stayed at home.

There!  Much better already!!

Happy Heater can go.    NO!!!      Not out the door, goofball!!       Under the sink!!

slob, humor, put in its place

Happy Heater’s Hot Home

This needs to stay, tho.    

slob, humor, bathroom need









I so wish these 2 would go!    In the trash!!

So useless!        Do they even make those tiny Dixie cups anymore??       {Wow, this is turning into a photo essay.      Hope y’all enjoy!}

Ya know what??       While I’m here, I’m gonna clean some too!         Don’t get your hopes up!        Nothing too wild n crazy.       Just swipe a wipee around.


slob, humor, cleaning supplies

I included the trash can, just so you’d have the full experience! You’re welcome!

Might as well do the toilet.       I know, all the germaphobes thank me from the bottom of their hearts!       You’re welcome!        

But I had already put the wipes back on the shelf.      [facepalm]

slob, humor, cleaning supplies

Back in closet. So efficient, returning it to where it belongs!!

Except when it’s not, because I have to immediately get it back out again!

Leave it to me, to make more work for myself!            



While I was wiping the seat, after the handle, or was that backwards???      Anyway, the wipee fell into the bowl!      Oh no!!        No pix, just grabbed it up real quick before it completely soaked up all the water!       Thankfully the trash can was right there!

Whew, a deep breath to recover from that trauma.

So, that was the end of the toilet cleaning.     I had already swish-and-swiped the bowl the day before.

I’m coming up on 600 words here, so gonna cut it off here.

More tomorrow!

House Time Before: 12 hrs 28 min.

Today’s Tub Time: 15 min.

Total House Time Now: 12 hrs 43 min.


Seven Seconds Shed Seconds

(Are you so tired of looking at this pic, you could gag?     Me either, just asking for a friend.)

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed

More, and more, the story, and clutter mountain grows!      Uh, no, actually, the clutter mountain is decreasing, as time goes on.       Oh, yeah, you’re right!      Thanks for keeping me straight!        No prob.

Here’s how the shed looked, after the first go round.

Now, onto the good stuff!!              Getting rid of!!             Decluttering!!      

           Purging!!                 Recycling!!      (Sorry, no pix exist.)                 Plain out trashing!!!  

slob, humor, trash

3 cans of trash, obliterated!!

I was whirling thru it like a fiend!!

This time, XH was helping me, not DD1.        She was at work.


slob, humor, donate

The whole bin that wasn’t mine. So,easy decision, all donate, yess!

All the Christmas overload, that I had not used this past Christmas, took a hike.

 See ya!!

It was a huge LOT!!         Even 1 whole bin of it, that wasn’t mine!!      {Again!!}

I had so many lights, and garland strands, I could have decorated my whole street!!      That’s if you would have had the get up and go, to actually do it!!      You didn’t even decorate the outside of your own house, beyond a wreath on the door.        True, sad, but true.

I was sweating so hard, I think I lost 5 lbs!!       (All water weight of course.)


Whatever do you do with 2 completely empty bins???        (Update:  you use one to fill up with donate stuff!!      2 bins with 1 stone!)

slob, humor, last empty space

Oops! Almost forgot the final finished foto!

How fabulous does all that empty space look??     It’s like a miracle!!    Except we did it with our own 2 hands!      (4 hands, actually!)        And my brain, and determination to get more junk outta my life!!       I sure wasn’t enjoying any of it, when it was out there with the spiders??    Snakes??       Wasps fer sure!!      (I know cuz I had to spray a few!     Did you know spray paint will kill wasps??      Those 3 are the prettiest, pinkest, DEADEST, wasps ever!!)

slob, humor, painted pink wasps.

The pink and the dead.

     In Vanronica, and ready to run!!          They were dropped off within 2 hours!!                     Woo hoo!!!       DD1 and I high fived ourselves, for that!    (Yes, I know I said she wasn’t helping me.      She just showed up for the fun part- the actual donating!!)

slob, humor, back into house

All that will go  back into the house.

Y’all, I’m seriously proud of myself!!       I felt such a high, from dumping all that excess stuff!      I wanted to get going on another space!        Good thing XH has better sense.         He sent me inside to get cool, and drink water.      Why I didn’t have it with me, I doan know.       So, I stretched out in my recliner, rehydrated, and ate 2 ice cream bars, for good measure.       Had to bring my temperature down, didn’t I??

And, then I realized I was tired!!      So glad he stopped me!


Total House Time Before: 10 hrs 28 min.

Total Shed Time Now: 1 hr x 2 people= 2 hrs

Real Total House Time, fer sure: 12 hrs and 28 min.                  {so far….}

Still have 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, the porch, and the workshop to go!     I’m exhausted again, already!      Oh, yeah, and I haven’t even finished the Scullery yet!

Shink Shining

Congrats, Melinda!           What??    What for??          For starting out confusing us with once again with made-up words!        Oh, that.      Well, I do dearly love my alliteration, ya know.          We know, we know!!         Since I wanted to talk about shining the sink, sink had to become shink.      (I beg the pardon of all those who don’t speak alliteration.)

slob, humor, sink

The shink, uh, sink.

Anyway, I’ve been rethinking the whole sink shining thing, from Fly Lady.    I’ve been adamantly opposed to her methods.      Firstly, cuz I was lazy.     Fully dressed down to shoes and make-up ain’t happenin’, as I have clearly stated previously.       Secondly, I don’t wear make-up, almost EVER!!, and no shoes in the house, so, I literally CAN’T do her method!   (Not that I’m morally opposed to shoes in the house, I just don’t wear ’em.    I do NOT make my guests take theirs off and put on slippers!)      

slob, humor, barefeet

Toes, and shoes. Freedom! (At SF’s house. I don’t dare have wires like that out in the open!)

But lately, I’ve been wondering if her sink shining thing might, just maybe, have some merit.

Why’s that??          Well, you know the problem with roaches that I have.      


Yes, yes I do.     And I’ve noticed that they seem to LOVE to treat the shink, er excuse me, the sink, as their maternity ward.        Oooooh, okkkkay.        And exactly how does that relate to shining it?        Well, I wondered if I shine it, so that it’s dry all night, if that would slow down the birth rate, or maybe alter the location??

Hmmm, well seems to me the only way you’re gonna find out, is by trying it.

What??       You mean I should actually TRY it??          Uh, duh!       How else are ya gonna find out the answer to your question??          {stammers}     Well, I just really, um, kinda thought it was more rhetorical, really.

So, okay.     I dried out 1 side, so that the other, wet side could be the control.     Ya know, like a real scientific experiment, and all!!

slob, humor, dry sink

Dry as a bone.

And lo, and behold, when I got up in the middle of the night, the wet side was crawling with baby roaches, as usual.      And the dry side??       Wait for it!!            The dry side only had 1 roach in it!!    

I was amazed!!           So, what did we learn??            Well, that drying the sink would be worth it!         (But, I still won’t do it every night, I’m sure.        By bed time, I’m usually bushed!!        And just remember- Slob IN Recovery- not Recovered!  Yet!)

Summary:   Experiment was successful.      Follow thru is essential.

Money Meme

I’m not sure if you’ll think these first 3 are funny, but they gave me a little chuckle.       Let me know what you think!  And I know, only the first one is about money, but give me a break!!     Coming up with alliterative titles for memes once a week is hard!!   

slob, humor, how bow dah memeslob, humor, how bow dah meme

slob, humor, how bow dah meme

slob, humor, hypocrite spray

LOL!! Really, I laughed out loud!















slob, humor, puppy meme

Awwww. so cute!

slob, humor, toddler meme

Toddlers!! True Story!

slob, humor, mommy meme

Haha!! Must be over 55, like me!












slob, humor, yucky meme

I think “awful” might be the key word there!

slob, humor, Asian dad

Aw, Dad! Not again!

Y’all know I’m gonna sneak him in, if I can!

slob, humor, kid president meme

Yeah!! I’ll vote for him!!

slob, humor, Leghorn Foghorn meme

I say!










Accomplished, Actually

I feel such a sense of accomplishment today!!   I was about to say “It’s not even noon yet, and already I’ve.”    Then I made the mistake of glancing at the clock.   It’s 12:49 pm.   But,  I decided that my sense of accomplishment is not dictated by the minute hand on the clock.

I have accomplished a lot already today!!   I woke up!!   In a good mood!   Feeling rested!! Read my Bible!


purple Holy Bible

From DH

Ate a healthy breakfast of oatmeal!  

slob, humor, empty bowl

Why would I show you an empty bowl??      Cuz I told ya, I ate it already!

{Guess I should dispense with the exclamations marks now!   Oops, sorry, last one, okay?}   Wrote in my diary.   Washed the dishes, ALL of them.   Found my stamps,

slob, humor, stamps

after just texting someone to borrow 3.   Picked up the 3 baby bibs outta the floor, that had fallen off the shelf, and put in a bag to donate.   (PPJr couldn’t even wear new born stuff the day she was born.   Who decides how big a baby’s neck should be anyway???)  

Cleaned off the side kitchen counter [-ish].   I put away the gaggle of plastic bags there, and removed the 2 shopping bags, and hung them on the dining room chair.

slob, humor, shop bags






What?? For now, that’s where they go, since they don’t have an assigned home yet.  

Drank 2 glasses of water, refilled the pitcher,

answered all my emails.  Commented on the 3 blogs that popped up.   Talked to my Mama, and DD1.   Ate 3 ice cream bars.   Well, that one right there probably shouldn’t count as an accomplishment…


Seven Seconds Shed

Here we go again!!

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed- today’s story.


Now I’m skipping on to Day six- Garage.      Well, in my case, shed, since I have no garage! I know, I just skipped to Day Four, with Sisters’ Scene, now here I am skipping to 6.         What in the world??        Do I have no sense of mathematical linear time lines??        Nope!       Well, yes I do, have a sense of them.        Just choosing not to apply them!

When I cleaned out the girls’ bedroom, I had to have some place to put all the stuff!!     (So actually I did this day first, but I didn’t want to totally blow your minds by skipping too many days at once!!)


slob, humor, old recycling

Why did she save these recyclables??    Can you guess where they went???

The shed, dun, dun, DUN!!  Quite a mess!

I’ve been here 15 months, and only ventured out there twice.     

This is all my own mess.       Well, no, not really.        I found 2 more boxes that had been left by the previous owner!!        DD1 said “Trash ’em!!     Obviously she doesn’t really miss ’em!”         So, I did!      Much to my own surprise!       It wasn’t even MY stuff, and I still felt anxiety just dumping it into the trash, just higgledy-piggledy!        Then the box of recyclables, that she was saving for……?????

And the purple shopping cart, and orange wagon were pulled out, and immediately put into play!  (First top pic.)

The bag of cement, that is hard as a rock, is waiting for stronger arms than ours to remove it!!

The brown, wooden, slatted box in the bottom, left pic, middle shelf, is an egg box, DD1 said, after looking in it.     She was just gonna recycle it, but I said “Wait!!”      We can sell that!!”    (Yeah, I should probably just go back, and put it out by the road, huh??)

Ahhhh!!        So much better!!       Not perfect, just better.

Not done yet tho!!      Still plenty of mess to declutter!


Shed time: 1 hr and 15 min. each, for 2 people: 2 hr and 30 min.

Total house time before: 7 hr 58 min.

Total House Time After Today: 10 hrs and 28 min.


Any guess as to the total time when I finally finish??

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Back to the scullery today.      I told ya I wasn’t done in there yet!!

We’re gonna work on- guess it if you can!!        

Sippy cups!      

slob, humor, sippy cups

The test subjects for today.

And baby bottles:

slob, humor, baby bottles

Buh bye, baby bottles!

                                                                                                                          And baby spoons.

slob, humor, baby spoons

Waaay too many baby spoons!! PPJr can’t use the long handled ones to feed herself.

Here is the drawer they came from, 

slob, humor, plastic drawer

Plastics drawer.

well, some were in the sink, to be honest.  

Sippy cups that leak have been the bane of my existence for, oh, 3 and a half years now!!         We keep trying, and trying to find one that lives up to it’s advertising of not leaking!!

This one guaranteed “Doesn’t leak!”  

slob, humor, guaranteed no leak cup

Guaranteed not to leak! it said.

Yeah, right!!      First time PP used it, she dropped it square on it head.         Results?       A spectacular huge puddle!       (DD1 wanted PP to start using regular cups, instead of sippys, but I said No!!       So, PopPop got this one.        Really, why did I even bother insisting on a sippy???         And why oh why didn’t we save the receipt???)          So, that was a wash, as in, I had to wash the milk off the floor, from the epic fail.)

These lost their lids, somehow.      How does that happen????

slob, humor, lidless cups

Poor headless cups.

So, here are the ones headed for the scrap heap/recycling bin:

slob, humor, scrap heap for y'all!

Buh bye!!

PopPop came in, and was deeply offended that all the bottles, and so many sippys were headed out the door.       “Why?  What’s wrong with them?     Why aren’t you donating them??”

Well, the bottles lost their place in the house, because PPJr is a year old now, and should be weaned off bottles.    And we did it cold turkey, so….         And they aren’t worth donating, cuz you can buy bottles at the dollar store!     And I’m tired of dadgum leaky sippys that leave messes in their wake!      I notice you don’t have them over to your house, eating and drinking!      And the spoons are being donated, because PPJr would give herself an at-home tonsillectomy, with those long handles!

slob, humor, long handled spoons

See ya spoons!

Aaaaahhh, so much better now!       PopPop finally was persuaded to let go of the rejected ones.       His hand hovered over the blue bin so long, I thought he was frozen in space!      He is a very frugal man, and it hurts him deeply to throw away perfectly good stuff.           Except they weren’t perfectly good in use!!

So, since we only have a few left that really work, time to go shopping for more!!!    (Of the ones that truly don’t leak.)

slob, humor, sink o' sippys

Sippys in sink.

But, I best not say that out loud in PopPop’s presence!

Total House Time Before Today:  7 hr 43 min.

Plus Today’s Scullery Skippy: 15 min.       (Was that ALL??          Really??      Yep, really!)

Total House Time So Far: 7 hrs 58 min.

Authorized Artwork

In my house, there is authorized artwork, and unauthorized artwork. With a 3 yo, and a 1 yr, I’m sure you can imagine. But since you know me, you know you don’t have to.  I will show and tell!



slob, humor, painting

“Pretty in Pink” by PP



slob, humor, unauthorized art

Bed sheet- No!


slob, humor, authorized art

Pretty, pretty pumpkin



slob, humor, misplaced art

Not on the table, PP!


slob, humor, authorized art

“Self Portrait” by PP Her Pink Phase




More bed sheet graffiti.           (Why does my camera make stuff different colors??      It’s all the same beigish/pale yella sheet!!)   smh


       “My big hand”                                               Unnamed

UnAuthorized Artwork:

         PP does love her markers!      Apparently the cabinets were just too plain                            for her sensibilities!


And so on, and so on.

So  far, the only unauthorized artwork that PPJr has participated in is: eating the crayons!        Sorry, no pix of that, due to the no pix rule.       But she did make some marks on a paper!     And I immediately sent it to Grandmama as a love letter!      (while forgetting to document it for y’all.      My apologies!)

Hopefully soon PP will be broken of the unauthorized artwork habit, and PPJr won’t pick it up!       I sure hope so!

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Many, Many, Mixed Memes

slob, humor, mom meme

slob, humor, political meme

I can’t help it! This is funny to me!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, man meme


slob, humor, toddler meme

Can I get an amen??

slob, humor, historical meme

slob, humor, meme

Am I the only one??

slob, humor, mom meme

Oh, so true!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, Jonah meme

Me thinks Jonah no likee.















slob, humor, sky diver meme

OOOhhhh!! That would be fun!!

slob, humor, invisible cereal??


slob, humor, in or out? meme

The story of my life….

slob, humor, Asian dad meme

I just had to sneak him in!!

Hope you got your laugh on!!     Many, many, mixed memes just seemed the way to go today.