Frassledy Frass

A coupla weeks ago, when I was visiting Rose, she questioned,  “Did ya see my frass?”          

I answered,  “Say whaty what?”

She explained, “Frass is what termite poop is called.”                                            

Well, I never knew that!!

But, of course, just ’cause I didn’t know its proper name, didn’t mean I didn’t have any!!   (Wait, how many negatives was that??)

So, I came home, and spotted this.

slob, humor, frazz pile

  What do I spy??

slob, humor, frazz

Frightening frass!

All of these homes in this park are at least 50 years old.      And someone is tenting in here, nearly all the time.     So, the termite swarms just roam house to house, looking for free meals!      

I asked the termite guy, when he was across the street, the other day about tenting.     And he confirmed my suspicions.     “Yeah, when one person tents, the swarm just goes next door.     Everything inside the tent is dead, but that doesn’t guarantee they won’t come back.” !!!!!

Why would I pay $800 for a bug treatment that only lasts as long as the poison cloud???

No, thanks!      Okay, rant over, back to the regularly scheduled frass pile.

Instead of just shaking my head, and walking away, I swept it up!     I really am proud of myself, the way I’m starting to actually do something about messes, instead of pretending they don’t exist!

slob, humor, sweeping frazz

But don’t worry, there’ll be more tomorrow.    sigh

How do I know??      I found their hidey holes!!

Who’s up for lending me 800 bucks??  


17 thoughts on “Frassledy Frass

  1. We had a similar problem when I lived in multi unit apartments and warmer climates, only it was roaches. It didn’t matter how clean one’s house was, once one person got them, everyone would get them. And EVERYONE had to bomb on the same day or they’d just go from one unit to the other. And inevitably we’d have one or two who wouldn’t so we’d always have a roach problem. >_< The price of living in warmer climates I suppose. Luckily, it's way too cold for them up here.

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    • Oh my. Yep, they are persistent little menaces!
      Sadly, I have that problem too. Bombing didn’t stop them. Neither did diatomacious earth. Nor glue traps. Or stomping!! Gonna try one more thing. A borax, egg yolk, sugar candy. We’ll see if that works. But yeah, it’s a hot weather thing.


  2. Two big thumbs up to you for taking back control of your life, you are an inspiration! Also, could you seal the holes with silicone? It would save you about $780.00.

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    • Thanks Bella! I never even thought of that! But it wouldn’t solve the problem really. Well, it would solve the grass problem! But they probably would just dig another hole. I guess we’ll see how long it takes for termites to raze a house down to the ground.


  3. We don’t have termites here but we do have carpenter ants. Different appearance, same problems. We’ve been really lucky in this house but at my farm I had carpenter ants the size of Volkswagens. And since the house was built immediately after the Civil War the whole place was wood.
    I don’t have $800 to give you but I’m willing to drive the get-away car if you want to rob a liquor store.

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