How to Love a Woman who has been to Hell & Back.

This is the story of my heart, written by someone I don’t even know.

Adaptive Reality


Many have tried. Most have failed.

The weak need not attempt, for it will take more strength than you even know you possess; more patience, more resilience, more tenacity, more resolve. It requires a relentless love, one that is determined and not easily defeated.

For the woman who has been to hell and back will push you away. She will test you in her desire to know what you are made of, whether you have what it takes to weather her storm. Because she is unpredictable—at times a hurricane, a force of nature that rides on the fury of her suffering; other times a gentle rain, calm, still and quiet.

When she is the gentle rain that falls in time to her silent tears, love her.

When she is the thunder and lightning and ferocious winds that wreak havoc, love her harder.

She is a contradiction, a pendulum that will…

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5 thoughts on “How to Love a Woman who has been to Hell & Back.

  1. Hope you are having a great Easter holiday! Hopped over and read this and it reminded me of how I used to be many moons ago before I sorted my head out. It wasn’t until I decided to stop having relationships until I improved my own mental health that I had the time and space to work on my toxic emotions. Once we sort out the insecurities that seem to attract equally insecure men, those kind of men just disappear from our lives like magic. It does take a lot of work but I found it was worth it. Then there is no need to fear being hurt because we stop attracting or being attracted to damaged men. I would rather be alone than be with a man who has the kind of toxic emotions that make for rocky relationships full of drama. And once I had got to that point, I just stopped even noticing the kind of men who were likely to hurt me, let alone be attracted to them (or they me). And then, out of the blue, I met a lovely man who I married and have had 16 wonderful drama free years with and no desire the put him through the kind of hell I would have done before I worked on my own insecurities.

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  2. I am excited like Melinda! I’m better than when I was having monthly cycles. I did pretty well at menopause. Now, just a nice guy needed to make a life together. If I could have 16 years with someone, I’d be blissful! 🙂 I love my grown children and grandchildren, too. ❤

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