Grammar Grins

I promise there are grammar grins in here, ya just have to wait for ’em!!

slob, humor, parenting meme

Lol!! Any other parents need this one?

slob, humor, out of my mind meme

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

slob, humor, cat in the hat meme

Poor Cat in the Hat!! He was only following the script!















slob, humor, irony meme

Haha, yep!!

slob, humor, grammar meme

Go for it, Grammar Nazis!!      (I do!    Ssshhh!)










slob, humor, punctuation meme

Whoa!! And then the fight started!!

slob, humor, grammar meme

Awww, Grammar Nazi falls in love!

slob, humor, grammar meme

Bwahahaha!! That’s what I’ve always said!!











slob, humor, goose meme

Hee hee!!

slob, humor, golf meme









slob, humor, age meme

Wait! Yes there is! In them thar teeth!! And in the insurance company’s pockets!

slob, humor, goat meme

Been there….












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