Pudding Popping

Pop goes the weasel all night.     PP just can’t won’t stay put.      And no, I can’t play whack -a -mole, slob, humor, whack!  in aid of her sleep readiness!      However, I am starting to wish someone would just whack me with a hammer, so I could go out like a light!!slob, humor, please whack me on head!




(Another post I started almost a year ago, right after she started wearing undies, instead of pull ups to bed.    I’m trying to clear my backlog of stale posts!!)

I love my PP!!


But…….. I’m so tired!!     (Can you hear the whine???)        

WHY won’t she just.Go.To.Sleep!!


And THEN!!!

Midnight swim, where was lifeguard??

Soaking wet bed, icy cold, clamminess!

slob, humor, Oh no!


She was as shocked, and surprised as I was!!

Baths, change sheets, snooze fest commences.



6 thoughts on “Pudding Popping

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