Organizing- Organized

Another book review..  And I haven’t really read this one either.

DD1 had this in the van, so I picked it up thinking, “Hmm, I can always use more organizing tips.  I’ll check it out.”  

slob, humor, book

It’s purple! Of course I was drawn to it!!

Not that you ever use the ones you already know, or anything…

Well, {head toss- not as effective with such short hair} learning is always good for me, whether I put it into practice or not.

Yeah, okay.


(Another old post- probably at least a year old…     And no, I never finished reading the book.      Just thumbed thru it looking for any purple pages.          Disgraceful, I know, I know!!         Please don’t tell the teacher’s union, they’ll take away my teaching certificate!!             Oh wait, I let that expire in 2012….         In that case, tell away!!)

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