Mental Minuses

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever recover all my mind.

  1. Between being crazy{the good kind!};
  1.  Motherhood“Momzheimers”-I think I saw this on Jenny’s Unremarkable Files????   But of course, I can’t find the post now.     sigh         And I’ve heard that insanity is  inherited-  you get it from your children!  😉   (See the numbers?? I can’t even get my numbered bullets to act right, much less my body, and brain chemistry!!)

slob, humor, blast from the past

  1. Alcoholism; We all know alcohol pickles stuff!!     Thank God, I was only an alcoholic for several years, then got sober, by the grace of God!     I would be full on mentally deficient of any brains at ALL, if I had kept that up for 20 more years!!     {Shout out to God, I’ve been delivered from alcohol, and sober for almost 24 years now!!}
  2. Thyroid fog; This is so real.    Many people are not aware, if they don’t have it.      

    Are You Living Life With Thyroid Brain Fog? – Hypothyroid Mom

me sleep 072








  1.  and 4 nervous breakdowns; All related to teaching, which is why I’m disabled;

It’s a wonder I have ANY pieces left!!

And I do miss the pieces that are missing.      I’m still young enough to remember when they were all there, and how sharp I was!      In school, I had a very nearly photographic memory.      [So handy, for testing!! ]      In my freshmen year at SEC (now SEU), I knew all the names of my class mates, almost 200 of us.      Now, most of the film is missing, or just doesn’t develop!    Or, should I say the memory chip is faulty??

I loved playing word games, puns, alliterating, etc.    Oh sure, I still alliterate, but privately, when I can take up to days, or weeks to figure out the perfect phrase!!

Anyways, just thought I’d remind y’all that mental problems do exist, and they are affecting more people than you realize.

So, be kind, rewind, oops- sorry! rote memorization programming kicked in there!     Be kind to everyone, and smile.   I promise it doesn’t hurt, it’s free, and you just might make someone’s day!



7 thoughts on “Mental Minuses

  1. My dear sweet Lucy,
    You underestimate yourself so much. You are a very intelligent and smart woman but choose to negate your positives.
    I am glad this post is about motherhood and memory and many things M( not about cleaning, though I enjoy your cleaning posts too)- My guess is your house is now totally clean so there is nothing to write about cleaning any more and you are looking for other topics- correct me if I am wrong.
    I enjoyed this post snd loved looking at your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

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