Filthy Fan

This is my filthy fan on the front porch.

slob, humor, fan

Fearfully filthy fan

See how the blades appear gray??   Yeah, they’re actually white, or beige??

Shameful!!  That thing needs a good wash!   It’s a wonder it’s still working, with that ton  of dirt and dust on it!    

I know!   The lady who lived here before should be ASHAMED of herself for having such a filthy fan on her porch!!

What??    You were talking to ME????

But, but…..I’ve only lived here 6 months!!!   (whine whine whine)   Why is it my fault???     (Correction: I’ve now lived here a year, and 4 months!!    Yeah, I started this post 16 months ago!!  And the fan is still filthy!!)         For shame, Melinda!

On my last day, of emptying the trailer out, I decided to actually quit procrastinating, and just clean the thing.

slob, humor, dust snakes

Swipes from the first 2 blades.

My, what lovely dust snakes, you have Melinda!             Why, thank you, Melinda!

slob, humor, sweeping

Showing the last step in the process.

slob, humor, clean fan!

And Ta-Da!

So, I was right both times.     The blades are beige, and the sides are white!

slob, humor, clean(er) fan blade

Oops! Didn’t get it all clean.

And I’m sure it cools better now too!        But, I’ll never know, being as how the electric was already off!

At least I left it in better condition than I found it.

Frightfully filthy fan forgone.

12 thoughts on “Filthy Fan

  1. Good job. For whatever it’s worth in your future, I learned a little trick about cleaning fan bldades. Just pull a pillowcase over the blade you are working on and slide all that dirt off into it. Then, once you’ve completed the blade(s) dusting, simply turn the pillowcase inside out over a trashcan to empty all those dust bunnies. Pillowcase right into washing machine and you’re done with the clean up!

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  2. Dear Melinda,
    You’re guilty of squalidity! The truth is that I’m guiltier!! After this time out I’m going to clean my own squalid fan.

    The bigger truth is that facets of our lives need various cleaning agents. Thanks to the Spirit of observation.

    Thanks, Melinda, for the medicinal humour.

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