Router Ruse


slob, humor, hide the router in a book

Lol, took ya a minute to even find the router?

This is pure genius!!      I hate my ugly router.  

I can’t wait to try this one!   But, but…. desecrate a BOOK?????   I’m not sure about that….. BUT, I hate my router!!    So, if a ruse like hiding it in a book works……  Maybe, just maybe I need to try it!   I might like it!

Hmmmm, I don’t have any hardcover books that size.   Shopping trip!    Thrift shop, or Salvation Army here I come!!

So, would this be recycling, up-cycling or re-purposing??  I get so confused!!


(Another golden oldie post, that has aged beyond good cheese.  And I totally took care of this problem by cancelling my internet!     Saved $1.25 for a used book!!)

6 thoughts on “Router Ruse

  1. Wow!! Great idea! Have to try this.

    Also, I would love to cancel my internet. I think I could do everything I need to do at the library every morning. I believe my quality of life would be better too, if I didn’t have access to the interwebs at all hours of the day. However, my husband can’t live without YouTube, so I guess that won’t we happening anytime soon. Ha!

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  2. Just make sure you’re not blocking any vents on your particular router.

    As for recycling or up-cycling… I would seek out a book that is the right size, has a nice cover design, but isn’t worth reading (again), thus it might be defined as cover recycling/re-purposing, or upgrading of the contents. \o/

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