Sarcasm Sought

slob, humor, sarcmark

Sarcmark- How do I love thee!

slob, humor, sartalics

Sartalics- Where have you been all my life?

How many times have I asked for a sarcasm font???

Now, AT last!!!  Thank you Stella, for telling me about this!!  You’re my hero!!

I’m seriously in hog heaven! I can’t wait to download it and use it!  Oh, I hope they’re not just pulling my leg!!

This post is for you, Tasha!  Delivered as promised!    (Over 2 years ago.    I hope you believe better late than never….)


Okay, problem.  It’s downloaded.  And I can use it in Word.  But…… when I copied, cut and pasted, it reverted back to this font.

Boo hiss!!

slob, humor, boo hiss face

My Boo Hiss face.

Ok, back to the drawing board!

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