Memorial Memes

Ok, this Monday, we are doing memorial memes for Memorial Day.     No funnies, just respect.

slob, humor, military memorial

We need to remember our fallen military.

       This one makes me want to cry, the father mourning his courageous son. 

slob, Memorial DAy  slob, Memorial Day

Today we remember, and celebrate ALL our fallen military.     Whatever branch, whatever war or conflict.       They died for our freedom.      It’s our duty to live in a way that honors their sacrifices.

Thank you God, that we live in a free country, and thank You for all the brave souls who fought to keep us that way.

slob, Memorial Day

slob, Memorial Day

I used to blithely say “Happy Memorial Day.”     Till someone called my attention to it.   It’s not a happy day.     It’s a somber day.     It’s a thankful day, but not frivolous.

Stay safe, thank a veteran, and be sure to tell them, you’re glad they made it back alive.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Memes

  1. Thank you for this very touching post. I’m from a long line of military men and this post made me cry. In my family we’ve been very fortunate that everyone came home. My oldest brother (who just passed not long ago) was a Viet Nam era Navy Seal and it messed him up. He was never really the same after he came home. My Dad (also passed a few years ago) retired from the Air Force just prior to the start of Viet Nam. My other brother went to Desert Storm as a medic and then worked as a civil servant after he got out of the army. My husband is an Army vet and my nephew is an active Marine and has gone to Afghanistan several times. The military connection with my family goes WAY back.

    My husband’s uncle was shot down during WWII and became a POW. Two of his crew mates were never found.

    Thank you for taking the time to honor the fallen warriors–we owe it to them to never forget the price paid for our freedoms.

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