De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline

I still have no name for this series on this house.  Ack!    It’s buggin me!

Anyways, going in.

Will this be a de-clutter project??

Or a de-claim??     I wanted to say de-shuffle, move to a different place.         But my alliteration muscle kicked in, and just.wouldn’

Or a de-cline project?? IE- trash it??      Or would the de-claim part be the trash it part?

I was thinking of claim as the staking out of a plot of land, as in gold mining, etc.       That’s why calling moving to another place,  is de-claiming, or do I prefer de-shuffling, after all??        

Well, really Melinda- de-shuffling would be NOT moving it, right??       Make up your mind what you’re doing!      Then go do it!          Sitting here waffling about names is called- Procrastination, of the highest order!!

Ya got me there!!           Okay, waffle no more- going in!!         Btw- since I’m not gonna be a waffle anymore, what am I??        A crepe?        A pancake??         


(sound of scurrying feet)

Oops- one more thing!     I’m gonna be in the first room of our bathroom today- the sink room.       Alternately- the skylight room.

Ok, pix taken.     Downloading them as we speak.    And then……                  On to the purging, right??                 Uh, actually, noooooo.                  And why not, if I may ask? Because I’m hungry, and haven’t had breakfast yet!!           No energy!!           Fine! Hurry up and eat!                Yes ma’am!           Immediately ma’am!

Gratuitous selfie of breakfast.

slob, humor, keto breakfast muffins

My yummy breakfast muffins!

OOPS!!      I have 2 of them upside down!          Trying again, gotta show the best side, ya know!

slob, humor, keto muffins right side up

Now there’s the cheese!

Wait, is it a selfie, if I’m not in it??       What do you call all those shots of people’s food?   Foodies??           Nope, that’s the people who love food. 

STOP and just eat the muffins already!!

Ok, here’s me eating the muffins….

slob, humor, slob sloppily eating
Purple keto nosh.







BTW: please don’t worry.      They are Keto muffins.       And no, I didn’t bake them, DD1 did.              Any more questions??        They’re getting cold!

Sink room, from left to right.     I’m not going to photograph the wall of cabinets behind me, what’s the point??       Doors, lots of dark, dark wood doors.

slob, humor, mirror shot

Okay, so I lied! Here’s a shot of the cabinets, thru the looking glass.

Also, do my bare shoulders offend you??       (I so want to figure out where to find that enigmatic poll button!)

So, I picked up the play broom, and returned it to girls’ room.       (Less than 4 ft away.)

slob, humor, broom put away

Broom be gone!

Then I did a load of laundry.      No visible difference there.

Annnnnd then I got distracted, went to my room, and began de-cluttering there.         Well, I don’t live in the bathroom!       Neither half of it!

So ends this episode of De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline.

Come back tomorrow to find out if I ever get a “roundtuit”!!

slob, humor, roundtuit

Let’s see if I really do??

28 thoughts on “De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline

  1. Haha! Oh Melinda, I am cracking up! Yours is the only blog I know that would do a poll about bare shoulders lol! I’m going to start taking my tips from you because as you know, I am will be doing more than my fair share of decluttering declining and declaiming…and I am dreading it! Good to see you settling in…and so good to be back here again surrounded by your wonderful purpleness. You’re great! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Sherri, modesty is important! lol
      Girl, make sure you have lots to drink!! WATER!! 😉 You can do it! Just take 1 box at a time. And a brownie every 30 min. What?? Gotta keep up your strength!!
      Thanks, and I’m so happy to be hearing from you again on a regular basis!!
      ❤ Melinda

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL!!!! Melinda…you crack me up….I love it! Would those be purple brownies by any chance? I will be dashing to the loo every 5 minutes if I drink all that water…but you’re right, I need to do that more often. Drink, not go to the loo…okay, I’ll shut up now, ha! Great to be in touch again my friend…have a wonderful weekend in case I don’t get back here before then…but next week for sure if not! Love and hugs to you! And lots of brownies! 🙂 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sherri, I’m so glad I make you laugh!! That makes my day! Of course they’re purple, in my mind!!
        Yup, I do make regular loo runs, ah well…..
        It’s always wonderful to talk to you, whenever you can!!
        Thanks for the brownies!! I might wrap up the next box, and write “From Sherri, with love” on them!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • You really do Melinda! And I need that laugh, believe me!!! Aww…I like that, thinking of me sending you a give with From Sherri, with love….I’ll certainly send you this message with lots of love…and make it as purple as I can, in my imagination anyway! Be over again shortly dear friend… 🙂 ❤ xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I won’t have much decluttering to do when we get the ducks out of the tub but I will have months of muck to clean. Rinsing that tub 18 times a day isn’t the same as really giving the entire bathroom a good scrub. I love your advice of a brownie every 30 minutes! I’m going to start doing that. For the energy boost, of course. Purely medicinal.

    Liked by 1 person

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