Bristly Brush

This is a brush.   

slob, humor, hair brush

Yep, it’s a brush, alrightey!

                                                                        A bristly brush.

slob, humor, bristly brush

Yup, it’s a bristly brush, fer sure.

Know how it feels to lay down on a bristly brush??

I do!!   I do it every night!

I somehow conveniently forgot this part about being bald- it starts to grow out!     Then, suddenly all the glory is gone!       {Uh, yeah, I whacked off my hair again, right before we moved into our newest place.     I was sweating overtime!!       I needed a summer haircut!}

This is my head on brush, a bristly brush.

slob, humor, head on brush

My head on brush. Yee-ouch!!

Photo credit to DD1.     Thanks honey, for helping!!

The hair on my head is soft, and fine, when it’s grown out.          When it’s 1/4 inch short, you could mistake it for the wire bristles of a grill brush!!

Pat my head, and it feels like thousands of millions, of tiny, tiny, finest gauge needles poking me in the scalp!!

And PPJr loves to do that!        Both to me, and DD1.             I know toddlers love to explore textures, so we enjoy watching her face, and listening to her giggles!!         The pain of the millions of pin pricks, not so much!  

Then, when she picks up the self-same brush, and tries to brush my hair, with the backside, my heart melts!!    

slob, humor, PPJr melts my heart

Does she ever!!!!              When she tries to brush her own hair, and has the brush turned correctly, and it gets tangled, suddenly all smiles are off!!          Her pain is not bearable!!         I get that naughty hair brush outta there, ASAP!!

All smiles restored, time to go back to “brushing” my head, and the whole routine begins again……..


14 thoughts on “Bristly Brush

  1. Is it me, or is that brush not actually purple?? If so, I am lost for words. A first! Although hair cut empathy….mine is now on a permanent No.2…. Ode to those long locks of yore! How goes tricks my friend?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not you, Gary. I’m so sorry, that I’ve failed my purple expecting fans…
      Having short shorn locks is freeing- no?
      lol Maybe you could cook up said ode?? Be sure to tag me!!
      Everything’s coming up roses!! Except the lilacs, irises, and pansies!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • No need to apologise, even Samson had issues with shorn locks! Let us call it a temporary blip! Liberating is the word methinks. Good in hot weather apart from potential sunburn. That aspect one learns to control real quick after the first error lol. Hope alls well 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the pass! I can never aspire to be Samson! I don’t have the patience for that length anymore!! Those days are 3 decades behind me!
        Haha, sunburn!! Sorry to hear about that, old chap!! Maybe some head chapstick, next time??
        Everything’s tip top, thanks! Well, except my house, that is! That’s more like topsy turvy still!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I dwell not on time upon this earth; goes passed to quick; in fact I must stop blinking as that’s seems to speed it up. Flipping triple chemistry at school…where time used to go backwards… I feel stole from time in the future!!! I was thinking maybe a cap for the old head; The heatwave here is rather rubbish and something needs to be done to reduce cranial exposure!

        Your house is still topsy turvey!! but have you not been decluttering for ages?? not that I can say a great deal as mine is full of things that need to go. As of last week Tuesday has now been tagged as “Tip Tuesday” No more procrastinating…at least until tomorrow, which is, coincidentally Tuesday !!


      • Yeah, I’ve officially been de-cluttering for 3 years now!! I’m beginning to think it’s a never ending process!
        “Tip Tuesday” has quite the ring to it!!
        Get you a cap for your poor old pressured head, for Pete’s sake!! We don’t need your brains exploding everywhere!! Too messy to clean! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tell me about it! Odd, you never notice whist its all accruing until one day you wake up and go WTheck happened!!! Still, ignoring it past then is not going to solve anything so Tip Tuesday it is…oh and recycling on Thursdays lol


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