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Today: Plant Play

I took out the kitchen trash, and the box of expired canned food.        On my way back in, I stopped and thought “I really need to do something about these plants.”         The landlord told us he does the lawn, but we are responsible for the flower beds.       When we moved in, they looked great, because he had just weeded.       But then all the rain!!

DD1 had pulled this huge weed on Sat.

slob, humor, 1 plant down

Another one bites the dust.

So, it inspired me to do my part.        At least a little bit of it!

slob, humor, more dead weeds

I did more than she did!

It really didn’t take me long either.        The soil was still loose.

                                                                     I see dirt, people.

But, of course there is much more left to do!

No time to play, people!!      I have a plant to kill!!

Repeat x 1 million!!


27 thoughts on “Plant Play

  1. Someone on tumblr wrote this, I thought you might like it:


    gardening has this reputation as a gentle and chill hobby but you know what?? gardening is actually a constant and brutal conflict between the human need for control and the will of life to spread – a battle between life and death itself, even. in the garden I am the Overlord Supreme, Peerless Queen of the Dirt, Arbiter Above All, the ultimate and final judge over who gets to live and who must die. I drowned an entire anthill today for daring to exist in my realm, and the blood of hundreds has soiled my soul. my thumbs may be green but my hands are black and deadly.

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