Cleaning Clone

Our living room window unit was faltering.        The orange warning “check filter” light came on.     So I asked Sweet Friend to fix it for me us, which he did very cheerfully.

But then I noticed that the outside of the vents were still very dirty.       So, I grabbed a wipee, and started wiping.        

Then I hear “I wanna help!”          Well, never turn down a child who wants to help clean!!

So, I handed PP another wipee, showed her what to do, and sat back, watching her go at it!!

I sent a pic of PP cleaning the a/c vents to the family, which showed her face, with the comment that I was teaching her to clean.

Sis in love, Shirley, said “I’m still struggling to get past the “teaching to clean” comment. I don’t know whether to laugh, or write something slightly sarcastic.       Well, I guess I did both.”     😉

Hey, Sis, I’m in Slob Recovery here!!      The best way to make sure you’ve really learned something is to teach others!!         Bonus:  I didn’t have to work anymore!!       Win-win!

Now that unit works like a dream again.

Great job, PP my love!!

slob, humor, little love

My purple little love!!


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Clone

  1. Teaching children to clean is a good thing. I actually enjoy cleaning. Can you believe that? It’s such a rewarding feeling to see things clean and shiny when you’re done. As I clean I thank God for water, I thank Him for my eye sight so I can see the dirt. I go about thanking God I have a house to clean. In fact, my two grandchildren are on their way over to help me clean today. My grandson will wash the car.

    Now cooking … well that’s another story, I’d rather clean than cook.

    Happy cleaning!

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  2. So I’m thinking Carmen and Melinda should come clean at my house and I will happily cook all day!

    BTW smooth move getting PP to take over! 😉

    I think it’s good to teach children to clean. It is a life skill after all.

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